• To enhance understanding of students regarding concepts of faith and ehkam, ahadees and sunnah and compare with modern day living.
• To enhance understanding of the students regarding Islamic Ethics; laws, culture, civilization contemporary issues.
• To enhance the skills of students for understanding Islamic Architecture; its forms, styles, elements and an introduction to Muslim Architects.


CLO: 1. to explain and discover the importance of Islamic architecture in modern day engineering considering social and religious aspects/interests.
CLO: 2. to discuss fundamentals of Quran, Ahadees and their values in everyday life.
CLO: 3. to discuss as well as interpret the social and religious aspects of Islamic ethics.
CLO: 4. to argue unethical values and importance of Islamic architecture


  1. Quran, Hadees and Sunnah
    • Verses of surah al-baqra related to faith(verse no – 284 – 286)
    • Verses of surah al -mumanoon related to characteristics of faithful (verse no -1-11)
    • Verses of surah al-inam related to ihkam(verse no-152-154)
    • Basic concept of Hadees.
    • Kinds of Hadees
    • The life of Holy Prophet (PBUH)
    • Verses of surah al – hujrat related to adab al – nabi (verse no – 1-18)
    • Verses of surah al -ihzab related to adab al-nabi (verse no.6, 21, 40, 56, 57, 58.)
    • Understanding of modern living – in light of Quran and Sunnah.)
  2. Islamic Ethics
    • Islamic Golden Age
    • The Muslim World
    • Caliphate
    • Islam & Science
    • Contributions of Muslims in the development of Science
    • Elements of Family
    • Ethical values in Islam
    • Verses of surah al-furqan related to social ethics (verse no.63-77)
    • Characteristics of a True Muslim
    • Muslim Jurisprudence and the Quranic Law of Crimes
    • Contemporary Issues.
  3. Islamic Architecture
    • Influences
    • Early History
    • Styles
    • Architecture Forms and Styles of Mosques and buildings in Muslim countries
    • Elements of Islamic style
    • Contemporary Muslim Architects
    • Islamic perspective of Civil Engineering