Machine Design and CAD-I is the first course offered to ME students that introduces them with the design standards and designs of basic machine components. The course first introduces the philosophy of design procedure and design standards and then gradually covers the design of common machine elements. The students are expected to prepare professional quality solutions and communicate the results of analysis and design, effectively


CLO-1: Analyze the given system and determine the 2-D and 3-D forces acting on its different elements. (C4)
CLO-2: Design and Analyze various machine components such as shafts, keys, splines and fasteners C6
CLO-3: Design and Analyze all elements of project related to Machine design by following the defined constraints and meeting the optimal objective solutions. C6
CLO-4: Select a project related to design of machine elements and demonstrate the ability to complete the task while adhering to the guidelines A2


Introduction – One Lecture
• Design philosophy
• Types of design
Mechanical behavior of materials – Five Lectures
• Concepts of stress and strain
• Different types of stress and strain in a machine element
• Stress-strain diagram
• Actual and permissible stresses
• Factor of safety
Design of Shafts – Five Lectures
• Basic concepts
• Methodology
Design of springs – Five Lectures
• Basic concepts
• Methodology
Design of keys and coupling – Five Lectures
• Basic concepts
• Methodology
Design of Riveted joint, welded joints, Bolted joints – Eight Lectures
• Basic concepts
• Methodology
Metal fits, tolerances, and Design Standards – Three Lectures
• Basic concepts of tolerance
• Types of fits
• ISO standard fits charts