This course will take an in-depth look at how microbes and their metabolic pathways and products can be used in biotechnology. Particular areas of concern will be environmental biotechnology, bioremediation and biomining, but will also allow students to develop their own interests in other aspects of biotechnology.


CLO: 1. To comprehend the basic principles of Microbial Biotechnology [C2-Comprehension].
CLO: 2. Apply the gene manipulation techniques Knowledge to Microbiota [C2-Analysis]
CLO: 3. Analyze the different applications of genetically modified organisms related issues (Current Tool Usage)

COURSE Contents

  1. Introduction to Bacterial and Yeast Genetics
  2. Essentials of Bacterial Genetics:
    • Mutants and mutations:
    • The currency of microbial genetics
    • Transformation and Transfection: Getting DNA into cells
  3. Bacterial genomes and genomics:
    • Replication
    • Chromosome structure
    • Coordination of replication and cell division
  4. The microbiome Transcriptomics
  5. Regulation of gene expression
  6. Bacterial diversity and evolution
  7. Plasmids
    • characteristics
    • replication, curing
    • copy number control
    • compatibility
    • plasmid addiction
    • DNA cloning vectors
  8. Conjugation
    Generalized and Specialized
    Viral attack and defense
  9. • Lytic bacteriophages
    • development replication
    • genetics
    • generalized transduction
    • Lysogeny: the phage λ paradigm. Regulation of lysogeny and the lytic cy
  10. CRISPR-Cas
    • Toxin-Antitoxin systems
  11. Global Regulatory Networks
    • Quorum sensing
    • Inter-kingdom signaling
  12. The Fundamentals of Inheritance and Mutant Isolation Mendelian inheritance/ mitosis and meiosis refresher Tetrad analysis
    • the basics
    • Tetrad analysis: gene mapping
  13. Mutant hunts and cloning genes
  14. Bacterial Genome Engineering Bacterial Transposons – What are they?
  15. Putting Yeast to Work: Improving Human Health
  16. Issues Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) Technological advances Controls and cautions