This course will take an in-depth look at how microbes and their metabolic pathways and products can be used in biotechnology. Particular areas of concern will be environmental biotechnology, bioremediation and biomining, but will also allow students to develop their own interests in other aspects of biotechnology.


CLO: 1 To comprehend the basic principles of Microbial biotechnology [C2-Comprehension].
CLO: 2 Apply the gene manipulation techniques Knowledge to technologies used in Microbial Biotechnology [C2-Analysis].
CLO: 3 Applications of Microbial biotechnology (Current Tool Usage).


1 Introduction To The Course And Course Objectives
2 Microbial Diversity
3 Microbial Biotechnology: Scope, Techniques, Examples
4 Production Of Proteins In Bacteria And Yeast
5 The World Of “Omics”: Genomics, Transcriptomics
6 Proteomics, And Metabolomics
7 Recombinant And Synthetic Vaccines
8 Plant-Microbe Interactions
9 Bio-Fertilizers, Biopesticides, Composting
10 Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) Toxins: Microbial Insecticides
11 Microbial Polysaccharides And Polyesters
12 Primary Metabolites: Organic Acids And Amino Acids
13 Antimicrobials
14 Microbiological Mining, Biofuels And Use Of Microbes In Petroleum Industry
15 Environmental Applications