This project-based laboratory course provides students with in-depth experience in experimental molecular genetics, using modern methods of molecular biology and genetics to conduct original research.


CLO: 1. Be able to understand the important facts, safety measures, concepts and the investigative procedures of a Molecular Genetics lab.
CLO: 2. Be able to provide students with hands on familiarity with basic procedure and associated critical and investigative thinking skills to understand Molecular Genetics problems.
CLO: 3. Be able to display good interpersonal communication and act as an effective team member by completing assigned Lab tasks


1 Introduction to Molecular Genetics lab and safety protocols.
2 Preparation of different buffer solutions used in Molecular Genetics labs
3 Preparation of solution used in nucleic acid purification.
4 Whole genomic DNA isolation from meat
5 Fish genomic DNA isolation
6 Bacterial DNA extraction
7 Isolation of DNA from onion
8 Plasmid DNA extraction via manual method
9 Dilution, aliquots, and quantification of DNA.
10 PCR
11 PAGE Gel electrophoresis
12 RNA isolation
13 Restriction digestion (Bam H1 enzyme)
14 Detection of SNPs using ARMS PCR
15 Elution of DNA from agarose gel
16 Transformation