Water and Environment Research Group

Department: Civil Engineering

Engr. Dr. Ishtiaq Hassan

Designation: Head/Supervisor

Research Group Head Profile

Dr, Ishtiaq Hassan did his PhD from UET Taxila in 2011 with specialization in Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering. He did his BSc in Civil Engineering in 1999 and MS in 2006 from the same university. He served in NESPAK from 1999 to 2014. He has many design and project management projects to his credit. He is looking after affairs of civil engineering department as Head of Department. The industrial experience when combined with his research work opened different venues of research. His areas of research and interest include water resources planning and designing, global warming and climate change studies, rainwater harvesting, flow estimations, hydrology and public health engineering. He is currently supervising 04 PhDs and 04 MS students in addition to 06 MS students who have completed their MS degree. He is author of about 14 research journal papers published in HEC recognized / ISI recognized journals, 09 conference papers in addition to 04 other published journal papers.

Introduction of the group

The Water and Environment Research group focuses on performing research work in following areas that will be beneficial for the society and country:

  • Climate change assessment and prediction that will help planners to understand future trends of hydrologic parameters needed for addressing water crises, by using latest methods.
  • Finding ways and means to augment needs of potable water by adopting rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse techniques at residential levels
  • Exploring groundwater recharge potential in populated areas
  • Scientific evaluation of barrage related issues and their remedial measures
  • Environmental studies


S. No Name Email Designation
1 Engr. Dr. Ishtiaq Hassan eishtiaq@ Head/Supervisor
2 Engr. Huzaifah Zahran huzaifah.zahran@ Lecturer
3 Engr. M. Hassan PhD Student
4 Engr. Shahmir Janjua PhD Student
5 Engr. Arsam Awan PhD Student
6 Engr. M. Waqas Zafar PhD Student
7 Engr. Kawish Mehboob MS Student
8 Engr. Tariq Khan MS Student
9 Engr. Khurshid Wisal MS Student
10 Engr. Talha Ahmed MS Student
11 Engr. Shafqat Ali Aslam Alumni
12 Engr. M. Umar Nadeem Qureshi Alumni
13 Engr. M. Ali Alumni
14 Engr. Hamid Ali Shah Alumni
15 Engr. Adnan Ahmed Khan Alumni


Research Areas

  1. Climate Change and Global Warming
  2. Water Resources Conservation
  3. Water Distribution Studies
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

R & D Projects

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