In today’s multicultural and global business environment, merely having an area of expertise isn’t enough. The ability to get along with others, demonstrate good manners, and make others feel comfortable is becoming increasingly important to career success. From introductions and table manners to greeting the disabled and dressing for success, this course teaches to avoid social blunders and handling oneself properly in any social situation.


1 • Formation Of Groups (Based On Roll Call) • Elections Of CR & VCR • Evaluation Criteria • Grading Scheme • Plagiarism Policy • Attendance Policy • Submission Policy • Dress Code Policy • Fine Policy
2 Personal Grooming And Hygiene • Elements Of Personal Grooming • Benefits Of Grooming • Impression Management • Why Perceptions Of Other People About Us Matters • Habits To Maintain Personal Hygiene • 20 Grooming Tips
3 The Body Image And Self Esteem • Body Image And Self Esteem • What Is The Difference Between Healthy And Unhealthy Body Image? • How Do People Get Unhealthy Body Image? • Why Are Self-Esteem And Body Image Important? • What Influence A Person’s Self-Esteem? • Resilience • How To Improve Your Body Image
4 Basic Etiquettes At Work Place • The New Rules Of Business Etiquette By Forbes • Importance Of Business Office Environment • Good Manners In The Office • Tips To Overcome Bad Manners At Work
5 Appropriate Business Attire • Importance Of Dressing Professionally • Types Of Business Attires • Formal Dressing For Men • Formal Dressing For Women • Business Casual • Accessories • Socks • Fragrances
6 Body Language & Non – Verbal Communication • Definition Of Non – Verbal Communication • Importance Of Understanding Body Language • Decoding A Non-Verbal Body Language • Communication Is 70% Non-Verbal And 30% Verbal
7 Presentation Skills • Creating Effective Powerpoint • Overcoming Stage Fright • Oral Presentation Skills • Layout & Designing Of Speech • Ways To Deliver An Effective Presentation
8 Mental Health • What Is Mental Health? • Importance Of Mental Health In One’s Life • Difference Between Mental Health And Mental Illness • Warning Signs Of Poor Mental Health • Ways To Improve Mental Health • Impact Of Social Media On Mental Health
9 Conflict And Negotiation Management • What Is A Conflict? • Types Of Conflict • Ways To Resolve A Conflict • Thomas- Kilmann Model For Conflict Management
10 Midterm Exam
11 Personal Space • What Is Personal Space? • Hall Personal Space • Why Is It Important? • The Law Of Personal Space • Determining Factors For Personal Space • General Rules Of Personal Space • Personal Space At Work • How To Regain Your Personal Space • 5 Nonverbal Signs You Are Invading Anyone Personal Space
12 Self – Esteem And Confidence • Definition Of Self- Esteem • Components Of Self – Esteem • Difference Between Self – Esteem & Confidence • Link Between Self- Image & Self – Esteem • Activities To Boost Self-Esteem
13 Cell Phone Etiquette • Driving • Be In Control • Public Chatter • Silent • Speak Softly • Places Not To Talk In • Language • Ringtone And Facebook • Thumb Talk • Classroom
14 Ethics And Its Importance In Today’s World • Definition Of Ethics • Importance Of Ethics • Implications Of Ethics In Daily Life • Case Study For Grooming Lessons
15 Stress Management • Definition Of Stress • Types Of Stress • Effects Of Stress On One’s Life • Ways To Handle Stress Effectively
16 Time Management • Why Manage Time? • How Does It Makes Us Different From The Others? • Role Of Time Management In A Student’s Life • Ways To Manage Time • Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix And Its Implementation