Research Group of Thermo-fluids

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Group is involved in multidisciplinary researchers with a clear focus on both fundamental and applied research in thermo-fluids including aerodynamics, multiphase flows, HVAC, sprays and combustion, computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, renewable energy and thermal and hydraulic augmentation, phase change material, energy harvesting systems.


Sr. No. Name
1 Dr. Muhammad Mahabat Khan
2 Dr. Mohammad Javed Hyder
3 Dr. Muhammad Irfan
4 Mr. Saifullah Awan
5 Mr. Lehar Asip Khan
6 Mr. Fakhar ul Hasnain
7 Mr. Ziaullah Khan
8 Mr. Tauseef Ahmed
9 Mr. Liaqat Hussain
10 Mr. Rizwan Sabir

Recent Research Activity

Sr. No. Name
1 Thermal Energy Storage using Phase Change Materials.
2 Multiphase Flows – Droplet Dynamics and Sprays.
3 Computational Modeling of Turbulent Flows.
4 Heat transfer enhancement in industrial applications.
5 Thermodynamic optimization of Power Plants.