Plan and Prcocedure
  1. The University shall be opened w.e.f 15th September, 2020 for 1st, 7th and 8th semester undergraduate students under the SoPs as notified by the Government of Pakistan from time to time
  2. Undergraduate students of 2nd to 6th semester shall have online classes/simulation labs. In this respect, they shall receive timetable, Microsoft Teams Software Accounts, Course Material and other course related details through their respective departments and portal.
  3. The 1st phase of the online classes shall continue till the midterm of Fall-2020 semester and the arrangements of classes/labs after the midterm shall be announced by 30th October, 2020 as per the instructions received by the HEC. The University shall make all possible efforts to bring the entire student community on campus for face to face education, if so permitted by the HEC
  4. 2nd to 6th semester students registered in Labs Work, other than the final year students, shall be called on the campus to perform Labs after midterm and the schedule in this respect shall be issued by the respective department.
  5. Midterms and Final-terms exams for all courses (online and on campus) shall be arranged on the campus.
  6. Undergraduate examinations shall be held after 8th and 9th weeks of academics for undergraduate and graduate programs, respectively.
  7. Students not willing to opt for online education may apply for semester break and this period shall not be counted in their normal degree duration. Such students shall continue with their scholarships after joining the University, if it is already awarded to them.
  8. Students registered in graduate courses both new intake and ongoing shall have their classes online for Fall 2020.
  9. The attendance shall be marked both for Online and On Campus students as per standard university’s practice.
  10. Graduate students involved in research activities can visit the campus on special permission by the competent authority. In this respect, they can drop a mail on dsa@ or drop a text message at 0332-5150889. They shall be issued a special ID Card allowing them to enter.
  11. Director Student Affairs has been declared as Designated Authority of the University who has been entrusted with the authority to allow the students to attend the University.
  12. Only those students shall be allowed to attend the university, who shall submit an Affidavit declaring their good health conditions and their willingness to rejoin the University
  13. Entry to the campus shall be restricted through the main gate only thorough screening. Special ID cards having distinct colour shall be issued to those students who are allowed by the authority to enter
  14. At least three walk through sanitizer gates shall be installed at the main gate of the University to disinfect the entrant.
  15. Temperature of entrant shall be monitored, anyone having body temperature above 37C shall not be allowed.
  16. A Control Room shall be established one week prior to the start of the Fall-2020 semester for the observation of COVID-19 suspect cases. Director Student Affairs shall be the in-charge of Control Room and the following have been deputed in the Control Room:-
    • Mr. Ahsan Razzaq Tahir, Deputy Registrar, 0334-8083630
    • Mr. Muhammad Musharaf, Manager 0345-5553014
    • Mr. Taimoor Khan, Assistant Registrar 0332-9512424
    • Mr. Wahab Mahmood, IT Technician 0300-5193048
  17. In case of any suspected Corona case, a complete history of possible contacts of such person with others shall be traced by the control room and they shall be informed accordingly. Such people shall be advised not to attend the University for at least 3 days, and observe all necessary precautionary measures.
  18. There shall be an Isolation Center in the University’s Dispensary and Mr. Khurshid Ahmed, Incharge Isolation Center shall be available for facilitation. Cell No. 0306-2273545.
  19. In addition to the Control Room Committee, the following Monitoring Committee will also constituted which will ensure the implementation of SoPs on the campus:-
    • Dr. Sahar Fazal, Head, Bioscience Department
    • Dr. Muzaffar Abbas, Head, Pharmacy Department
    • Mr. Amjad Tariq, Sr. Manager Admin
    • Mr. Fawad Bashir Paracha, Sr. Manager Services
  20. Standees/Notices/Posters indicating precautionary measures shall be placed at various places within the campus and students’ portal/website.
  21. Students are advised to have their Face Masks before entering to the campus. However, for their facilitation, Masks shall also be available at the entry barrier to purchase
  22. Important telephone numbers including NDMA, Nearest Hospital with Corona ward, Control Room and Isolation Room shall be communicated to all concerned.
    • NDMA, 1166
    • Riphah Hospital, 051-4486062
    • CUST Isolation Center, 0306-2273545
    • CUST Chief Security Officer, 0333-7819169
  23. Moreover, students shall be educated regarding SOPs to be adopted on campus during their Orientation session and regular classes as well.
  24. Cafeteria employees must have COVID negative test report and the University in this respect shall arrange and facilitate before their return.
  25. Proper social distancing shall be maintained in all the classrooms and laboratories. A class of 50 students shall be split in two different sections.
  26. Hand Sanitization shall be carried out before entering in the laboratories and Computer Labs by an official of the University. Additionally, a sanitizer will also be available in each workbench of the laboratory
  27. Buses’ shall be available as per the attached schedule (Annex-E). Students are advised to wear the Face Mask while traveling, and anyone shall not be permitted without a face mask.
  28. Availability of hand sanitizers on all the floors in every block shall be available and its maintenance and refilling shall be ensured by the Senior Manager Admin.
  29. Regular sterilization and disinfection of the campus shall be carried out and senior Manager Admin shall be responsible for this assignment.
  30. In case of emergency, a Corona suspected case can be shifted nearby Riphah Hospital for urgent medical assistance.
  31. Students not complying to the SoPs shall be debarred from attending the classes/labs.
  32. Any other instruction/guidelines issued by the competent authority in this regard from time to time.
Academic Calender Fall 2020
Dates Days Week Activity
Pre- Semester Activities
15th to 21st Aug, 2020 Sat to Fri Online Registration (All Programs)
22nd Aug, 2020 Sat Last date to apply for Program Transfer
11th Sep, 2020 Fri Last date to deposit 1st Installment (On going)
Semester  Activities
12th Sep, 2020 Sat 01 Start of Semester
29th Oct, 2020 Thu 07 Last date to Submit DMC (New Intake)
06th Nov, 2020 Fri 08 Last date to deposit 2nd Installment (All Programs)
07th to 15th Nov, 2020 Sat to Sun 09 Midterm Examination
20th Nov, 2020 Fri 10 Midterm Result Notification
21st Nov, 2020 Sat 10 Last date to withdraw
02nd Dec, 2020 Wed 12 Full Dress Rehearsal for Convocation 2020
03rd Dec, 2020 Thu 12 Convocation 2020
07th Jan, 2021  Thu 17 Last date for correction in pre-finals. *
08th Jan, 2021 Fri 17 End of Classes
12th to 23rd Jan, 2021 Tue to Sat 18 & 19 Final Examination
29th  Jan, 2021 Thu 20 Grades Notification Fall 2020
08th & 10th Feb, 2021 Mon to Wed PhD Comprehensive Examination**

* No request for correction in pre-finals shall be entertained after this date.

** The students of Graduate Programs should also see Graduate Academic Calendar for further details.