Microelectronics and Microwaves

Department of Electrical Engineering

Research Areas

  • Charge transport mechanism in MESFETs/HEMTs.
  • Simulation and modelling of microwave FETs.
  • Fabrication and characterization of organic semiconductor devices.
  • Optimization techniques in microelectronics.
  • Microwave amplifiers filters designing.
  • High temperature analytical modelling techniques.
  • Antenna design for microwave and millimeter-wave applications
  • Design and characterization of radio frequency (RF) circuits and systems.


Sr. No. Name
1 Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed
2 Umair Rafique
3 Umer Farooq Ahmed
4 Qamar ud Din Memon
5 Saif-ur-Rehman
6 Hisham Khalil
7 Zubair Ahmed
8 Muhammad Anis
9 Usman Tahir
10 Shahid Shafique