Sr.No Scholar Name Supervisor Name Thesis Title Year Download
Software Engineering
1 Dr. Nadeem Fakhar Dr. Aamer Nadeem Achieving State Space Reduction in Generated Ajax Web Application State Machine 2023
2 Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Yasir Naeem Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhattii Eco-driving Control of Electric Vehicle with Realistic Constraints 2023
3 Dr. Muhammad Aksar Dr. Jaleel Ahmed Malik Managerial Efficiency and Firm Performance Nexus Through Earning Quality: Moderating Role of Corporate Governance 2023
4 Dr. Saif Ullah Dr. Amir Qayyum Socially-Aware Adaptive DTN Routing Protocol 2023
5 Dr. Tahir Sajjad Ali Dr. Rashid Ali Chaos Based Image Encryption and Authentication Schemes for Multimedia Applications 2023
6 Dr. Iftikhar Ali Janjua Dr. Jaleel Ahmed Malik International Financial Reporting Standards Compliance and Value Relevance: An Analytical Study from Corporate Sector in Pakistan 2023
7 Dr. Umer Niaz Dr. Arshad Hassan Financial Performance, Sustainability, and Outreach Link in Micro Finance Banks and Impact of Financial Inclusion on Socio-Economic Development in Pakistan 2023
8 Dr. Raja Muhammad Waqas Ahmed Dr. Nadeem Anjum Metadata Extraction using Geometric and Layout Features from Research Publications 2022
9 Dr. Sajjad Haider Dr. Azhar Mahmood LR-TED: Employing Linguistic Rules on Tweets’ Content to classify Eyewitness Messages for Disaster Events 2022
10 Dr. Muhammad Saboor Ahmed Dr. Abdul Basit Siddiqui A Novel Content-based Filtering Approach to Identify Important Citations 2022
Computer Science
11 Dr. Qamaruddin Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed Analytical and DNN Based Prediction of DC Characteristics of Nanoscale FinFETs 2022
12 Dr. Sumaira Andleeb Dr. Saira Ahmad Impact of Corporate Governance and Culture on Capital Structure 2022
13 Dr. Muhammad Asad Dr. S. M. M. Raza Naqvi Impact of Supervisory and Coworker Communication Apprehension on Newcomers’ Relationship, Role-related and Adjustment Outcomes: The Mediating and Moderating Mechanisms using an Uncertainty Reduction Theory Perspective 2022
14 Dr. Hazrat Bilal Dr. Muhammad Afzal Scattering Analysis of the Wave-bearing Cavity Bridged by Vertical Elastic Boundaries 2022
15 Dr. Malik Zia Ullah Bashir Dr. Rashid Ali Analysis and Improvement of Some Signcryption Schemes Based on Elliptic Curve 2022
16 Dr. Muhammad Naeem Dr. Muhammad Ashraf An Enhanced Auto Synchronizer for Integration of the Virtual Synchronous Machine into Power Grid 2022
17 Dr. Sana Iqbal Dr. Muhammad Ishfaq Khan Impact of Voluntary Simplicity on Word of Mouth through Dispositional Behavior and Psychological Well-Being: Moderating Role of Collectivism and Religiosity 2022
18 Dr. Muhammad Anwar Dr. Dur-e-Shehwar Sagheer a href=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/33 PhD Theses/PhD Maths Thesis Muhammad Anwar.pdf”>Fixed Point Theorems in Distance Spaces 2022
19 Dr. Touqeer Nawaz Dr. Muhammad Afzal Scattering Analysis in Bifurcated and Trifurcated Waveguides Involving Structural Discontinuities 2022
20 Dr. Muhammad Anis Chaudhary Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed Pseudoelliptic Waveguide Filters using Non-Resonating Modes with Folded-Waveguide and Ridge Resonators 2022
21 Dr. Muhammad Hassan Dr. Ishtiaq Hassan Development of Model-Data Fusion System for Upper Indus Basin Stream-flow 2022
22 Dr. Ahmed Ali Qureshi Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Mehdi Raza Naqvi The Affect of Employee Attitude, Supervisors Attitude and Communication Opportunities on Employee Silence, Mediated by Employee Intentions to Remain Silent. The Theory of Planned Behavior Perspective 2022
23 Dr. Muhammad Nadim Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Mehdi Raza Naqvi Evaluation of Nurses’ Creative Performance and Prosocial Behavior as Outcomes of Experienced Compassion at Workplace: An Application of Affective Events Theory 2022
24. Dr. Syeda Hina Zaidi Dr. Nousheen Tariq Bhutta Liquidity Synchronization, its Determinants and Outcomes for Valuation: Evidence from Selected Emerging Asian Economies 2022
25. Dr. Hassan Zada Dr. Arshad Hassan Role of Information Shocks in Predicting Equity Returns: A Comparison of Asian Developed and Asian Emerging Markets 2022
26 Dr. Sanober Shaheen Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Iqbal Impact of Female Representation in Board of Directors and Audit Committee on Financial Reporting Quality: Moderating Role of Family Ownership 2022
27 Dr. Qamar uz Zaman Dr. Aamer Nadeem Formalization of Use Case Model to Kripke Structure and LTL Forlmulas 2022
28 Dr. Samreen Ayaz Dr. Nayer Masood Predicting Scientific Impact of Authors 2022
29 Dr. Muhammad Rizwan Dr. Aamer Nadeem Improving Software Fault Prediction Using Novel Metrics Based on Data Flow Volume and Coupling Complexity 2022
30 Dr. Said Nabi Dr. Mohammad Masroor Ahmed A Resource-Aware Dynamic Load-balancing Techniques for Deadline Constrained Cloud Tasks 2022
31 Dr. Faisar Mehmood Dr. Rashid Ali Fixed Point Theorems in Fuzzy Abstract Spaces 2022
32 Dr. Muhammad Sohail Ashraf Dr. Rashid Ali Fixed Point Theorems in b-Metric Spaces 2022
33 Dr. Umair Farooq Dr. Muhammad Sagheer A Study of Fluid Flow Through Deformable Porous Material and Tissue Using Mixture Theory Approach 2022
34 Dr. Erum Aamir Dr. Majid Ali Precipitation Variability in Connection with Various Potential Determinants 2022
35 Dr. Tanveer Sajid Mian Dr. Muhammad Sagheer Effect of Nonlinear Thermal Radiation and Variable Thermal Conductivity on Different Types of Non-Newtonian Fluids 2021
36 Dr. Abdur Rehman Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Design of High Frequency PWM Inverter as a Part of 100kVA Solid State
37 Dr. Um-e-Rubbab Dr. S. M. M. Raza Naqvi Voice Behavior with its Antecedents and Outcomes through the Lens of Proactive Behavior Theory 2021
38 Dr. Rehana Anwar Dr. Jaleel Ahmed Malik Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure and Its Impact on Investment Behavior of Firms: The Case of China and Pakistan 2021
39 Dr. Raja Mehtab Yasin Dr. Samyia Safdar Phubbing in the Workplace; Exploring the Role of Rejection Sensitivity in the Relationship between Supervisor Phubbing and Employee Outcomes 2021
40 Dr. Usman Ali Dr. Shafqat Hussain Mixture Theory Modeling of Multiphasic Deformation 2021
41 Dr. Sundas Azeem Dr. Lakhi Muhammad Impression Management, Attributions and Behavioral Outcomes: A Co-worker Perspective 2021
Management Science
42 Dr. Rahat Saadia Dr. Noor Muhammad Khan SC-FDMA Radar: Waveform Design and Signal Processing 2021
43 Dr. Rifat Ara Dr. Umer Amir Khan A Reliable Protection Scheme for Fast DC Fault Clearance in a VSC-Based Meshed MTDC Grid 2021
44 Dr. Muhammad Touseef Ikram Dr. Nayyer Masood Context Driven Aspect based Citation Sentiment Analysis 2021
45 Dr. Rabbiah Manzoor Malik Dr. Sahar Fazal Elastic Network Modeling of Human Papilloma Virus Proteins 2021
46 Dr. Irfan Rashid Dr. Muhammad Sagheer Heat Transfer Analysis of MHD Nanofluids over Stretching/Shrinking Surfaces with Thermal Radiation 2021
47 Dr. Junaid Uzair Satti Dr. Muhammad Afzal Scattering Analysis of Acoustic Waves in Waveguides Containing Partitioned Wave-Bearing Cavities 2021
48 Dr. Khurram Shehzad Dr. Noor Muhammad Khan Coverage Analysis of Dense Heterogeneous Cellular Networks using Dual-Slope Path Loss Model 2021
49 Dr. Muhammad Irshad Dr. Muhammad Ishfaq Khan The Cascading Effect of Organizational Identification through Psychological Entitlement: Testing Sequential Mediation for Positive and Negative Outcomes 2021
50 Dr. Naveed Akmal Dr. Muhammad Sagheer Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis in Newtonian and non-Newtonian Fluids Using Finite Difference Approach 2021
51 Dr. Nazam Siddique Dr. Fazal ur Rehman Hybrid Synchronization Control of Dynamical Networks with Uncertain Parameters 2021
52 Dr. Syed Bilal Javed Dr. Raza Samar Cavity Prediction and Multi-variable Control of Underground Coal Gasification 2021
53 Dr. Sajid Shafique Dr. Muhammad Afzal Analysis of Acoustic Problems with Different Boundary Conditions and Step Discontinuities 2021
54 Dr. Imran Ihsan Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir Citation Context and Reasons Ontology-CCRO: A Model for Citation Reasons Between Research Articles 2021
55 Dr. Shahmir Janjua Dr. Ishtiaq Hassan Evaluation of Water Distribution System and Reservoir Ranking in Indus River Basin: A Hydro-Political Perspective 2021
56 Dr. Samina Karim Dr. Sadia Naeem Modeling Ethical Leadership and Employee Role of Psychological Empowerment and Moderating Role of Ethical Climate, Power Distance and Leaders Social Distance 2021
57 Dr. Erum Ishaq Dr. Sajid Bashir The Missing Link Between Leaders Personality and Followers Outcome: A Multilevel Perspective of the Paradoxical Leaders Behavior 2021
58 Dr. Aisha Sarwar Dr. Lakhi Muhammad Impact of Organizational Dehumanization on Employee Perceptions of Mistreatment and their Work Outcomes 2021
59 Dr. Faisal Shahzad Dr. Muhammad Sagheer Numerical Simulations of Heat and Mass Transfer Flows utilizing Nanofluid 2021
60 Dr. Hisham Khalil Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed Design and Optimization of Conformal Slot Array Antennas for X-band Applications 2021
Electrical Engineering
61 Dr. Ikramullah Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Harmonics Mitigation using Shunt Active Power Filter Based on Modified Synchronous Reference Frame Theory 2021
62 Dr. Maleeha Atlas Dr. Shafqat Hussain Numerical Simulations of Squeezing Flow Problems in a Channel 2021
63 Dr. Muhammad Usman Farooqi Dr. Majid Ali Potential Utilization of Wheat Straw in Concrete for Pavement Applications from Engineering Perspectives 2021
64 Dr. Shahzad Ijaz Dr. Arshad Hassan Bank Competition, Financial Stability, and Economic Growth Links: A Micro and Macro Level Study of Selected Asian and European Economies 2021
65 Dr. Zubair Ahmed Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed TMm0 Mode Rectangular Patch Antennas with Improved Radiation Characteristics 2021
66 Dr. Mohib Ullah Dr. Muhammad Arshad Islam Obscure Logging: A Framework to Protect and Evaluate the Web Search Privacy 2020
67 Dr. Rafiullah Khan Dr. Muhammad Arshad Islam On the Effectiveness of Private Information Retrieval Protocols 2020
68 Dr. Altaf Hussain Dr. Muhammad Aleem Resource-Aware and Load-Balanced Scheduling for Cloud Computing Environments 2020
69 Dr. Abid Kamran Dr. Shafqat Hussain Single Phase Analysis of MHD Convective Heat Transport in NanoFluid Using Finite Difference Method 2020
70 Dr. Muhammad Nasir Abrar Dr. Muhammad Sagheer Entropy Analysis of Peristalsis Fluid Models 2020
71 Dr. Shahzada Muhammad Atif Dr. Shafqat Hussain Effect of Linear Thermal Radiation and Mangnetohydrodynamics on Non-Newtonian Fluids 2020
72 Dr. Ibrar Ullah Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Energy Optimization with Bio-Inspired Heuristics Techniques in Smart Grid 2020
73 Dr. Mirza Muhammad Yasir Masood Dr. Noor M. Khan Modeling and Characterization of Ground-to-Air Communication Channel 2020
74 Dr. Shoaib Mansoor Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Improved Attitude Determination Using Low-Cost MEMS Sensors 2020
75 Dr. Zaheer Masood Dr. Raza Samar Dynamics Analysis of Epidemic Computer Virus Models 2020
76 Dr. Ali Abdullah Mehboob Dr. S. M. M. Raza Naqvi Impact of Employee Development on Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Employee Turnover Intentions 2020
77 Dr. Imran Yousaf Dr. Arshad Hassan Mean and volatility Spill Over Between the Stock, Gold and Oil Markets During US Financial Crisis and Chinese Stock market Crash 2020
Civil Engineering
78 Dr. Mushataq Hussain Khan Dr. Arshad Hassan Multilevel Drivers of Bank Risk Taking in Dual banking Systems: Evidence From OIC Countries 2020
79 Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khan Dr Shaukat Iqbal Malik Molecular Characterization and Computational Analysis of Drug-Resistant Strains of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis 2020
80 Dr. Wasim Jamshed Dr. Asim Aziz Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of non-Newtonian Nanofluids 2020
81 Dr. Yasir Nouman Khalid Dr. Muhammad Aleem Load-Balanced Multi-JobcScheduling For Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Systems 2020
82 Dr. Rizwan Azam Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Control Oriented Dosage Design for p53 Revival 2020
83 Dr. Ummar Aftab Dr. Arshad Hassan Impact of National Culture on Financial Decisions of the Firms: Evidence from Worldwide Non-Financial Companies 2020
84 Dr. Raheel Anjum Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Unified Framework for Detection and Mitigation of Cyclic Torque Imbalance in Gasoline Engines 2020
85 Dr. Sajid Shah Dr. Shafqat Hussain Flow and Heat Transfer Analysis of MHD Upper-Convected Maxwell Fluid over a Sheet with Non-Fourier’s Heat Law 2020
86 Dr. Adnan Akhter Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Iqbal Intellectual Capital, Firm’s Performance and Market Value: An Empirical Study of South Asian Emerging Economies 2020
87 Dr. Ali Haider Dr. Muhammad Ishfaq Khan Antecedents and Outcomes of Perceived Brand Authenticity: A Study of Sustainable Brands 2020
88 Dr. Muhammad Bilal Saeed Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Iqbal Corporate Governance and Accounting Conservatism: Empirical Evidence from Emerging Markets of South Asia 2020
89 Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz Haider Dr. Mueen Aizaz Zafar Corporate Social Responsibility and Customer Responses: Analyzing the Role of Cause-Related Marketing, Brand Trust and Brand Attachment 2020
90 Dr. Nida Abbas Dr. Sajid Bashir When High-Quality LMX Leads to Undesirable Outcomes: A Prospective Study using Impostor Phenomenon as an Explanatory Mechanism 2020
91 Dr. Sadia Saeed Dr. Arshad Hassan Liquidity Risks and Asset Pricing in Asian Stock Markets 2020
92 Dr. Zeeshan Ghafoor Dr. Arshad Hassan Voluntary Disclosure, Enterprise Risk Management, Culture and Stock Price Synchronicity 2019
93 Dr. Qlander Hayat Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Mehdi Raza Naqvi The Link between Person-Environment Misfit and Employee Greed: An Exploration of Mediation and Moderation 2019
94 Dr. Muhammad Saud Khan Dr. Noor Muhammad Khan A Low Complexity Signed-Response Based Secure and Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. 2019
95 Dr. Shamsa Kanwal Dr. Rashid Ali Asymmetric Cryptographic Schemes Based on Noncommutative Structures. 2019
Mechanical Engineering
96 Dr. Saba Inam Dr. Rashid Ali New Encryption Schemes Based on General Linear Group Over Finite Fields and Groupings. 2019
97 Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Dr. Muhammad Azhar Iqbal SIM-Cumulus: A Large-Scale Network-Simulation-as-a-Service. 2019
98 Dr. Raisa Bano Prof. Dr. Hamid Rashid Bioinformatics and Experimental Analysis of the Genetic and Non-genetic Basis of Breast Cancer in Pakistani Population. 2019
99 Dr. Muhammad Rashad Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Proportional Load Sharing and Stability of DC Microgrid. 2019
100 Dr. Tauqeer Ahmed Dr. Noor Muhammad Khan Bandpass Sampling Methodology for Uniformly Spaced Multiband Energy-Sparse Spectrum 2019
101 Dr. Syed Muslim Shah Dr. Raza Samar Applications of Fractional Derivatives in Adaptive Signal Processing Systems 2019
102 Dr.  Sami ud Din Dr. Fazal ur Rehman Robust Control of Under-actuated Systems via Sliding Modes 2019
103 Dr.  Sana Aroos Khattak Dr. Sajid Bashir Evaluation of Union Commitment as an Outcome of Negative Workplace Events, Using the Lens of Affective Events Theory; A Six Times Lags Study 2019
104 Dr.  Hassan Raza Dr. Arshad Hassan Cost of Equity Dynamics: A Comparison Across Emerging and Developed Markets 2019
105 Muhammad Naveed Jan Dr. Usman Ayub Asset Pricing and Artificial Neural Networks: A Case of Pakistan’s Equity Market. 2019
106 Dr. Zahid Wadud Dr. Sajjad Hussain Energy-Balancing with Sink Mobility in the Design of Underwater Routing Protocols. 2019
107 Dr. Saif ur Rehman Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed High Temperature Modeling of Wide Band Gap Field Effect Transistors. 2019
108 Dr.  Hassan Raza Dr. Noor Muhammad Khan Processing-Efficient Distributed Adaptive RLS Filtering for Computationally-Constrained Platforms. 2019
109 Dr.  Mumtaz Ahmad Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Iqbal Impact of Neurotransmitters, Emotional Intelligence and Personality on Investor’s Behavior and Investment Decisions. 2019
110 Dr.  Muhammad Mubbashar Hassan Dr. Sajid Bashir Personality and Psychological Contracts: Mediating Roles of Epistemic Curiosity and Rule-following Behavior with Moderating Role of Uncertainty Avoidance. 2019
111 Dr. Seerat Fatima Dr. Mueen Aizaz Zafar Values-based Culture: Development of Multidimensional Measure and Multilevel Assessment of Theoretical Construct through Servant Leadership Theory. 2019
112 Dr. Sohail Rizwan Dr. Junaid Ahmed Corporate Frauds: Factors Eliciting Fraud Behavior and Firms’ Financial Prospects 2019
113 Dr. Muhammad Mudassar Anwar Dr. M. Razwan Akhtar Do Firms Imitate: The Moderating Role of Ownership Concentration in Relation Between Peer Effect and Corporate Financial Policies. 2019
114 Dr. Muhammad Tariq Khan Dr. M. Razwan Akhtar Examining the Effecting of Oil Price Shocks on Investment Behavior in Pakistan. 2019
115 Dr. Adeeba Khan Dr. S.M.M.R. Naqvi Tuberculosis (TB) Related Stigma: A Conceptual Framework and Workplace Implications. 2019
116 Dr. Mubashar Hassan Zia Prof. Dr. Sajid Bashir Impact of Consumer Stressors on Impulsive Buying Behavior with Consumer Emotional Intelligence as the Moderator of the mediating Role of Stress: A Moderated-Mediation Model 2019
117 Dr. Basharat Khan Dr. M. Ramzan Akhtar Determinants of Corporate Borrowing: A Comparative Study of Developed, Emerging and Developing Countries 2019
118 Dr. Qamar Mahmood Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir Ontology for Inter-Research Paper Similarity Measures (COReS) and its Applications 2019
119 Dr. Attiya Kanwal Dr. Sahar Fazal Construction of Biological Association Network for Connected Components Analysis Using Graph Theory. 2019
120 Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman Dr. Muhammad Arshad Islam Identification of Temporal Specificity and Focus Time Estimation in News Documents 2019
121 Dr. Muhammad Asghar Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Development of Energy Management Techniques for Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV): Three-Wheeler Rickshaw 2019
122 Dr. Muhammad Tahir Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed Taj Fast Video Encoding using Spatio-Temporal Features and Ensemble Classification 2019
123 Dr. Abdul Rehman Yasin Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Fixed Frequency Sliding Mode Control for Power Electronic Converters 2019
124 Dr. Saba Ahmed Dr. Sajid Bashir Leader Member Exchange, Social Comparison and Subjective Career Success: Envy and its positive Outcomes as Explanatory Mechanism 2019
125 Dr. Muhammad Bilal Bashir Dr. Aamer Nadeeem Test Data Generation for Evolutionary Mutation Testing of Object-Oriented Programs. 2018
126 Dr. Waseem Ullah Dr. Arshad Hassan Understanding the Dynamics of Business Groups in Pakistan. A Focus on the Financial Performance and Dividend Policy. 2018
127 Dr. Najmul Ikram Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir Investigating Protein Semantic Similarity Measurement and its Correlation with Sequence Similarity. 2018
128 Dr. Khalid Mehmood Dr. Muhammad Sagheer Numerical Simulation of Mixed Convective Nanofluid Flows in a Square Cavity. 2018
129 Dr. Muhammad Bilal Dr. Muhammad Sagheer Numerical Study of Heat and Mass Transfer of MHD flow over a stretching sheet. 2018
130 Dr. Tasawar Hussain Dr. Nayyer Masood A Framework for Mining Emerging Trends in Web Clickstreams with Particle Swarm Optimization. 2018
131 Dr. Yasir Mehmood Dr. Muhammad Sagheer Orthogonal and Non Orthogonal Stagnation Point Flows. 2018
132 Dr. Sheneela Naz Dr. Amir Qayyum Resource Efficient Multi-dimensional Cache Management Strategy in Content Centric Networks. 2018
133 Dr. Muhammad Bilal Dr. Muhammad Sagheer Numerical Study of Heat and Mass Transfer for Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids. 2018
134 Dr. Noshin Fatima Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed Organic Dye Based Opto-Electronic Devices and Sensors. 2018
135 Dr. Muhammad Haroon Dr. Aisha Akbar Impact of Leader’s Motivating Language on Employees’ Job Performance with Mediation of Job Satisfaction and Affective Commitment. 2018
136 Dr. Naseer Ahmed Sajid Dr. Muhammad Tanvir Afzal Multi-Label Classification of Computer Science Research Papers using Papers’ Metadata 2018
137 Dr. Sher Afgun Khan Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir OWL2 Benchmarking for the Evaluation of the Knowledge based systems’ platforms 2018
138 Dr.  Riaz Ahmed Dr. Muhammad Tanvir Afzal Research Paper Recommendation by Exploring Co-citation Occurrences in Sections of Scientific Papers. 2018
139 Dr. Raja Habib Ullah Dr. Muhammad Tanvir Afzal Research Paper Recommendation Using Citation Proximity Analysis in Bibliographic Coupling. 2018
140 Dr. Aftab Ahmed Dr. Javed Iqbal Siddique A Mixture Theory Approach for Modeling Fluid Flow Through Deformable Porous Tissues. 2018
141 Dr. Muhammad Sarfraz Dr. Fazal ur Rehman Stabilization of Perturbed Nonholonomic Systems in Chained Form. 2018
142 Dr. Waseem Abbasi Dr. Fazal ur Rehman Stabilization of Nonholonomic Systems. 2018
143 Dr. Ibrahim Shah Dr. Fazal ur Rehman Sliding Mode-Based Robust Control Design Framework for Underactuated Mechanical Systems. 2018
144 Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed Elevated Temperature Modeling of Wide Bandgap High Electron Mobility Transistors 2018
145 Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Sliding Mode Framework Based Fault Tolerant Control for Air Path Actuators of a Turbocharged Diesel Engine. 2018
146 Dr. Arif I. Vaseer Dr. Khurram Shahzad Impact of Internal Marketing on Faculty’s Service Quality with Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction: A Study of Higher Education Institutions of Pakistan. 2018
147 Dr. Jamila Khurshid Dr. Muhammad Ishfaq Khan Factors Determining Women Entrepreneurship in a South Asian Context. 2018
148 Dr. Noureen Fatima Dr. Sajid Bashir An Integrated Framework for Antecedents and Consequences of Abusive Supervision: Test of Multilevel Model. 2018
149 Dr. Khansa Zaman Dr. Sajid Bashir Modeling the Relationship between Consumer Social Responsibility and Preference for Social Friendly Products with Facilitating Role of Religiosity: A Prospective Study Using Theory of Planned Behavior. 2018
150 Dr. Mubarak Hussain Haider Dr. Aisha Akbar Internal Marketing and Employee’s Innovative Work Behavior: The Mediating Role of Job Embeddedness 2018
151 Dr. Ahmad Ullah Shah Dr. Muhammad Ishfaq Khan Organizational Justice a New Theoretical Perspective: A Study from Private Higher Educational Institutions of Pakistan 2018
152 Dr. Izhar Muhammad Dr. Arshad Hassan Stability Analysis of the Financial Systems of Pakistan and India. 2018
153 Dr. Adnan Bashir Dr. Arshad Hassan Interrelationship Between Basel Accords Regulations, Efficiency and Risk. An Empirical Analysis of Pakistani Banking Industry. 2018
154 Dr. Fuwad Bashir Awan Dr. Sajid Bashir A Spirituality Based Model of Personality Assessment for Manager in Relation to Job Satisfaction, Organization Citizenship Behavior and Paranoia; and the Moderating Role of Workplace Spirituality. 2018
155 Dr. Basharat Javed Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Mehdi Raza Naqvi Positive Psychological States and Innovative Work Behavior: The Role of Relational Leadership 2018
156 Dr. Fraz Akbar Dr Shazia Akhtar Leader-Member Exchange and Agreeableness as Determinants of Facade of Conformity: A Moderated-Mediation Model involving Emotional Exhaustion, Trust in Management, Emotional Stability and Outcomes 2018
157 Syed Ussama Ali Dr. Raza Samar Application of Sliding Mode Theory to Guidance and Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. 2017
158 Dr. Imran Khan Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti On Performance Based Design of Smooth Sliding Mode Control. 2017
159 Ms. Sumayya Fatima Chugtai Dr. Arshad Hassan Asset Pricing and Stylized Facts for a Multi-Factor World: A Model beyond Conventional Anomalies. 2017
160 Dr. Shabbar Hussain Dr. Rauf I Azam An Integrated Model of Stress, Personality, Social Support and Outcomes: A Study of Financial Sector of Pakistan. 2017
161 Syed Tahir Hussain Rizvi Dr. Rauf-I-Azam Employees’ Responses to Perceived Organizational Injustice: Examining the Role of Psychological Capital. 2017
162 Dr. Ahmad Fraz Dr. Arshad Hassan Information Environment Quality and its Impact on Return and Investment Decision. 2017
163 Dr. Aijaz Mustafa Hashmi Dr. Arshad Hassan Impact of Financial Intermediation on Micro and Macro Level Growth in an Emerging Economy: An Analytical Study from Pakistan. 2017
164 Dr. Jamshed Khan Khattak Dr. Sayyed M. Mehdi Raza Naqvi Family Dynamics and Buying Decision for Meat: Development & Testing of Model for Pakistani Consumer Market. 2017
165 Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman Dr. Aamer Nadeem An Automated Approach to Model Based Testing of Multi-Agent Systems. 2017
166 Dr. Syeda Faiza Urooj Dr. Syed Muhammad Amir Shah Multifactor Asset Pricing Model for Pakistani Equity Market 2017
167 Dr. Iffat Rasool Dr. Ansir Ali Rajput Impact of Perceived External and Internal Corporative Social Responsibility on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Moderated Mediated Model. 2017
168 Dr. Munir Ahmed Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir Optimization of Semantic Cache Query Processing System. 2017
169 Dr. Aqila Shaheen Dr. Shafqat Hussain Peristaltic Flow of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids. 2017
170 Dr. Mohd Yaqoob Wani Dr. Noor Muhammad Khan Modeling of MIMO Radio Channels for Mobile-to-Mobile and Umbrella Cell Based Cellular Communication Systems. 2017
171 Dr. Ahmed Yar Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Control Oriented Modeling of Gasoline Engines: A New Paradigm. 2017
172 Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Modeling and Control of Atkinson Cycle VVT Engine for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) 2017 .
173 Dr. Nosheen Zafar Dr. Arshad Hassan Behavioral Biases and Stock Market Reactions: A Study of Pakistani Market. 2017
174 Dr. Iram Naz Dr. Syed Muhammad Amir Shah Impact of Executives: Attributes on Strategic Financial Decisions: A Comparative Study on Sharia and Non-Sharia Compliant Firms of UK and Pakistan. 2017
175 Dr. Sadia Shaheen Dr. Sajid Bashir Using Organizational Cronyism as an Explanatory Mechanism in the Relationship Between Leader Member Exchange, Psychological Contracts and Outcomes; Moderating Role of Culture. 2017
176 Dr. Muhammad Riaz Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed Analytical and Optimization Based Modeling Techniques to Assess the Performance of Submicron SiC MESFETs. 2017
177 Dr. Samiullah Khan Dr. Abdul Qadir Adaptive Simultaneous Multipath Transmission Scheme. 2017
178 Dr. Shazia Faiz Dr. Sajid Bashir Perception of Politics: A Curat’s Egg: Developing a Dual Path Model to Examine Positive and Negative Outcomes. 2017
179 Dr. Abdul Shahid Dr. Muhammad Tanvir Afzal Recommending Relevant Papers Using In-Text Citation Frequencies and Patterns. 2016
180 Dr. Nighat Noureen Dr. Sahar Fazal Genome Wide Mapping of Chromatin States Based on Histone Combinatorics for Determination of Epigenetic Expression. 2016
181 Dr. Sadaf Yasmin Dr. Amir Qayyum Cost-Effective Routing and Cooperative Frame Work for Opportunistic Networks. 2016
182 Dr. Muhammad Khalid Dr. Muhammad S. Anjum Performance and Efficiency Dynamics of Initial Public Offerings in Pakistan Sector-wise Analysis Focus. 2016
183 Dr. Qaiser Mehmood Dr. Samina Nawab Modeling Authentic Leadership and Mastery Goal Orientation with Employees Attitudinal and Behavioral Outcomes, Keeping Employee Work Experience in Focus. 2016
184 Dr. Muhammad Haroon Khan Dr. Hamid Rashid Computational and Molecular Analysis of TP53, PTEN and AR Genes in Prostate Adenocarcinoma. 2016
185 Dr. Muhammad Asif Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Taj Efficient Framework for Macroblock prediction and parallel task assignment in video coding. 2016
186 Dr. Muhammad Sajid Prof. Dr. Imtiaz A. Taj Towards facial Asymmetry Based Face Recognition. 2016
187 Dr. Muhammad Amin Akram Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Mode Identification Based Fault Diagnosis of Hybrid Systems. 2016
188 Dr. Sohail Amjed Dr. Syed Mohammad Amir Shah Dynamics of Financial Structure Adjustments and Firms Financial Performance. 2016
189 Dr. Said Shah Prof. Dr. SAF Hasnu Factors Affecting Working Capital Management Practices and Determining Firm’s Performance: A Comparative Analysis of Listed Companies in Pakistan. 2016
190 Dr. Filza Hameed Dr. Sajid Bashir Impact of Personality on Adaptive Performance with Mediating Role of Emotional Labor: Testing a Mediated Moderated Model among Front-Line Female Hospitality Industry Employees in Pakistan. 2016
191 Dr. Muhammad Riaz Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Synchronization Control for Master-Slave Systems Subject to Nonlinearities and Time Delay. 2016
192 Dr. Muhammad Imran Dr. Muhammad Tanvir Afzal Evaluation of Hidden Markov Model for Malware Behavioral Classification. 2016
193 Dr. Dure E Shehwar Sagheer Dr. Tayyab Kamran C*-Valued G-Contraction and Fixed Point. 2016
194 Dr. Samina Batul Dr. Tayyab Kamran Fixed Point Theorems in Operators-Valued Metric Spaces. 2016
195 Dr. Naeem Iqbal Ratyal Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Taj 3D Face Recognition Based on Pose and Expression Invariant Alignment 2016
196 Dr. Gulfam Khan Khalid Dr. Arshad Hassan Remodeling Corporate Social Responsibility: Development & Reporting of Theory, Scale and Index of Corporate Life Sustainability. 2016
197 Dr. Muhammad Husnain Dr. Arshad Hassan A Comprehensive Framework for Global and Domestic Asset Allocation. 2016
198 Dr. Muhammad Sarmad Dr. Sajid Bashir Impact of Nurses Personality on Patients Satisfaction: An Occupational Focus on Mediating and Moderating Mechanisms. 2016
199 Dr. Nadeem Iqbal Dr. Muhammad Ramzan Akhtar Financing and Managing Poverty Reduction in Rural Pakistan: A Case of DG Khan and Rajanpur Districts. 2015
200 Dr. M. Faisal Rizwan Dr. Abdul Raheman Determinants of Corporate Cash Holdings and its Implication: Evidence from Pakistan’s Corporate Sector. 2015
201 Dr. Tariq Iqbal Khan Dr. Aisha Akbar Impact of Stressors on Employee Performance: Moderating Role of Big Five Traits. 2015
202 Dr. Ayesha Noor Dr. Sajid Bashir Determinants and Outcomes of Internalized and Social Stigma in the Workplace. 2015
203 Dr. M. Zamurad Shah Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Guidance of Aerospace Vehicles: A Sliding mode approach. 2015
204 Dr. Muhammad Riaz Dr. Noor Muhammad Khan Modeling and Characterization of Mobile-to-Mobile Communication Channels. 2015
205 Dr. Yasir Awais Butt Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Sub-Riemannian Problem on Lie Group of Motions of Pseudo Euclidean Plane. 2015
206 Dr. Yasir Bin Tariq Dr. Zaheer Abbas Impact of Corporate Governance Code on Firm Performance: A Comparative Analysis of Pakistan Malaysia. 2014
207 Dr. Asim Rasheed Dr. Amir Qayyum Adaptive Routing Update Framework for VANET. 2014
208 Dr. Safdar Hussain Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Higher Order Sliding Mode Based Parameter Estimation and Control of a Pressurized Water Reactor. 2014
209 Dr. Syed Ijaz Hussain Shah Kazmi Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Higher Order Sliding Mode Observer – Based Fault Diagnosis in Automotive PEM Fuel Cell System. 2014
210 Dr. Mubeen Ghafoor Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed Taj Fingerprint Distortion Removal and Enhancement by Effective Use of Contextual Filtering 2014
211 Dr. Muhammad Naeem Dr. Sohail Asghar Structure Learning Framework Based on Mutual Coherence in Belief Network. 2014
212 Dr. Adnan Riaz Dr. Aisha Akbar Antecedents and Consequences of Organizational Politics A Study of the Public Sector Organizations of Pakistan. 2013
213 Dr. Hassan Rasool Dr. Zafar Mueen Nasir Meditation Training in Organization: Effect on work Family Interaction, Stress, and Outcomes. 2013
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