Dr. Nayyer Masood (PhD University of Bradford, UK)


Nayyer Masood has been teaching at university level for more than 25 years. He started his career from Bahauddin Zakariay Unviersity, Multan and is among the pioneer teachers of the department. He played pivotal role in initiating different programs in the Department of Computer Science at the BZU Multan. Later he did his PhD from University of Bradford, UK and rejoined BZU Multan. Meanwhile he also served at different universities or degree awarding institutes like Barani Institute of Information Technology, Rawalpindi and COMSATS Wah. Later he served at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad as Associate Professor and Head of Computer Science Department. for more than eight years. Currently he is serving as HoD Computer Science at Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad. He is mainly involved in teaching Database related courses.

PhDComputer ScienceUniversity of Bradford, UK1999
MScComputer ScienceQuaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad1988
BScMaths A & B, StatBahauddin Zakariya University, Multan1985
Associate ProfessorCapital University of Science and Technology (CUST), IslamabadSince – 2015
Associate ProfessorMohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad2007 – 2015
Associate ProfessorBahauddin Zakariya University, Multan2005 – 2007
Associate ProfessorCOMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Wah Campus2003 – 2005
Assistant ProfessorBahauddin Zakariya University, Multan2000 – 2003
Associate ProfessorBarani Institute of Information Technology, Rawalpindi1999 – 2000
Lecturer/Assistant ProfessorBahauddin Zakariya University, Multan1988 – 1999
Head of DepartmentCapital University of Science and Technology (CUST), Islamabad2015 – 2017
Head of DepartmentMohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad2007 – 2015
Head of DepartmentCOMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Wah Campus2003 – 2005
DirectorCOMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Wah Campus2005 – 2005
Head of DepartmentBarani Institute of Information Technology, Rawalpindi2000 – 2001
Professional MemberACM (No:1645200)

1. Multidatabase Systems
2. Schema Translation
3. Schema Evolution
4. Schema Integration
5. Data Integration
6. Data Mining

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