Dr. Ishrat Yousaf (PhD UoP, Peshawar)

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ishrat Yousaf is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, and service-focused professional, with more than 7 years of academic and research experience in the field of Psychology. I possesses excellent knowledge related to all the aspects of the field. A person of keen judgment, with a record of integrity and dependability, poised to leverage education and experience towards launching a successful career in the field of psychology with an organization seeking an articulate person committed to supporting organization objectives.

PhD Clinical Psychology University of Peshawar, Pakistan 2015
MSc Clinical Psychology University of Peshawar, Pakistan 2003
B.Sc. Hons. Home Economics University of Peshawar, Pakistan 2002
Assistant Professor Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST), Islamabad Since – 2019
Assistant Professor Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus, Islamabad 2019 – 2019
Assistant Professor Iqra University Islamabad 2016 – 2018
Assistant Professor Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi 2015 – 2016
1. Higher Education Commission Pakistan under NRPU: Grant award as a Principal Investigator for the Research Project entitled: “eHealth supported Intervention for improving care for young people with substance disorders in Pakistan”
2. Higher Education Commission Pakistan under NRPU: Grant award as a Co-principal Investigator for the Research Project entitled: “Preparation of Indigenous Manual Based Interventions for lowering Anxiety and depression levels among Pakistani Youth”
3. Higher Education Commission Pakistan under SRGP: Grant: As a Principal Investigator for the Research Project entitled: “Predictors of Adherence to Highly Active Anti-retroviral Treatment among Individuals with HIV and AIDS in Pakistan”.
4. Developing Country Scholarship Award at 74th International Council of Psychologists Yokohama Japan. ($2000) For oral presentation of paper entitled “Anxiety & social functioning among HIV and AIDS individuals in Pakistan”
5. Higher Education Commission, Pakistan “PhD Fellowship for 5000 Scholars” (Indigenous) Scheme, Batch-VI.
  1. Project Planning, management and Implementation, Data collection
  2. Research Interests (HIV/AIDS, Autism, Suicide assessment and prevention, Substance Use, mental health).
  3. Systematically researching and integrating evidence from various sources
  4. Development, Translation and cross-cultural adaptation and validation of Psychological instruments.
1. MS Impact of Perceived Ease of Use and Perceived Usefulness of enterprise Resource Planning System adoption on End User Acceptance
2. BS Relationship of Screen Time and Green Time with Psychological Wellbeing and academic performance among University Students.
3. BS Psychometric evaluation of the Urdu Anxiety Scale for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Pakistan.
4. BS Personality Traits as predictors of internet addiction and procrastination among university students.
5. BS Role of Self-efficacy, Impostor Phenomenon and Career Aspiration of University Students
1. Yousaf, I., & Haqqani, S. (2022). HIV Treatment Adherence Self-efficacy Scale for Pakistani HIV/AIDS Patients: Translation and Psychometric Evaluation. Applied Nursing Research, Vol.66,
2. Naeem, B., Aqeel, M., Maqsood, A., Yousaf, I., Ehsan, S. (2021). Psychometric properties of the revised Urdu version dyadic adjustment scale for evaluating marital relationship quality between madrassa and non-madrassa married women. International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare.
3. Aqeel, M., Abbas, J., Shuja, K., H., Rehna, T., Ziapour, A., Yousaf, I., & karamat, T. (2021). The Influence of Illness Perception, Anxiety and Depression Disorders on Students Mental Health during COVID-19 Outbreak in Pakistan: A Web-Based Cross-Sectional Survey. International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare.Vol. 15 No. 1, pp. 17-30.
4. Zaman, S., Arouj, K., Irfan, S., & Yousaf, I. (2021). Maladaptive schema modes as predictors of Post-traumatic stress disorders among Trauma survivors. Journal of Pakistan Medical Association, Vol. 71, No.7.
5. Rizwan, I & Irshad, E. (2015). Suicide Risk among individuals with HIV/AIDS. Bahria journal of professional psychology, Bahria University,Vol. 14, No. 1:1-21.
6. Rizwan, I & Irshad, E. (2012). Post-traumatic stress disorders and depression among patients suffering from HIV/AIDS. Journal the Dialogue, Vol. VII. No. 4, 393- 414.
1. Rizwan, I., & Irshad, E. (2016). Anxiety and social functioning among individuals with HIV and AIDS. ‘Annual Scientific Conference & Board Meetings’.74th ICP, Inc. Conference, Yokohama Japan.
2. Yousaf, I, & Qaiser, M. (2016). Negative Self-beliefs as a barrier towards Career Aspirations” in 2nd National Home Economics Conference “HOME ECONOMICS: EXPANDING NEW HORIZON.

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