Dr. Jaleel Ahmed Malik (PhD Harbin Institute of Technology, China)

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR/HoD Accounting and Finance

Dr. Jaleel Ahmed Malik is Assistant Professor of finance with research and teaching experiences in corporate finance and financial economics. Dr. Malik has more than 10 research papers published in refereed academic journals. He has also presented number of research papers at academic /professional international conferences.

PhD Finance Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, P. R. China 2016
MPhil Finance Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad, Pakistan 2013
MSc Finance International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan 2008
BSc International Islamic University, Islamabad 2004
Assistant Professor Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad Since –
HoD Accounting and Finance Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad Since – 2021
1. MS Product Diversification and Bank Risk Evidence from South Asian Banking Institutions
2. MS Impact of Shared Leadership on Project Success with Mediating Role of Team Building and Moderating role of Project Complexity.
3. MS Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Markets: An Evidence from Emerging and Developed Markets.
4. MS Determinant of Equity Financing: A Study of Non-financial Firms Listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange.
5. MS Impact of Monetary Policy on Islamic and Conventional Bank Financing: Evidence from Pakistani Banking Sector.
6. MS Impact of Bank Diversification on Effectiveness of Monetary Policy: The Case of Pakistan.
7. MS Impact of Core Capital ratio on Banks Profitability: Evidence from SAARC Countries
8. MS Impact of Trade Credit on Firm Performance: Evidence from Pakistani Listed Firms
9. MS Impact of Corporate Governance on Cost of Capital: Moderating Role of Foregn Ownership
10. MS Effect of Corporate Diversification on Earnings Management: Evidence from Pakistan
11. MS Impact of Trade Credit and Liquidity on Firm’s Inventory Investment: An Empirical Study of Non-financial Sector of Pakistan
12. MS Effect of Intellectual Capital on Firm Performance: An Evidence of Non-financial Firms of Pakistan
13. MS Impact of Corporate Governance on Non-performing Loans: Empirical Evidence from Three Emerging Economies
14. MS Causal relationship Between Trade Credit and Bank Credit: An Investigation of Non-financial Pakistani Firms
15. MS Branching, Lending and Competition: An Empirical Study of Pakistani Banks
16. MS Effect of Credit Rating on Trade credit: Empirical Evidence form Pakistani Non-financial Firms
17. MS Does Islamic Label Indicate Higher Use of Trade Credit? Evidence from Pakistan
18. MS Effect of Enterprise Risk Management on Firm Value: Empirical Evidence from Non-financial Firms in Pakistan
19. MS Influence of Culture and Other National Characteristics on Financial Intermediation in Asian Countries
20. MS Volatility Between Conventional and Islamic Stock Market, Evidence from Quantile Regression Analysis
21. MS Volatility Between Conventional and Islamic Stock Market, Evidence from Quantile Regression Analysis
22. MS Impact of Information Communication Technology on Economic Growth: Evidence from Asian Economies
23. MS Determinants of Net Interest Margin: A Comparative Study of Emerging Markets
24. MS Bank Borrowing Constraints and Use of Trade Credit: Empirical Study from Non-financial Firms of Pakistan

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