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Dr. Rashid Ali


Dr. Rashid Ali did his PhD degree in Mathematics in 2011 from the University of Passau, Germany. He has participated in many workshops and training sessions in Germany, Spain, Italy and Austria. Currently, he is working as Professor of Mathematics at Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST), Islamabad, Pakistan. His research interests include: Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Computational Algebra and Fixed Point Theory. He is an active researcher and published numerous research article in reputed international journals of high impact. He is HEC approved supervisor and supervised many PhD and MPhil students of the department of Mathematics of the university. Six PhD scholars and more than 52 MPhil graduates have successfully defended their research thesis und his supervision. He is an experienced teacher with more than 25 years of teaching experience at graduated and under graduate level.

PhD Computational Mathematics Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad-Pakistan 2011
MPhil Mathematics Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad-Pakistan 1994
MSc Mathematics Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad-Pakistan 1992
Professor Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad Since – 2023
Associate Professor Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad 2018 – 2022
Assistant Professor Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad 2015 – 2018
Assistant Professor Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad 2011 – 2015
1. Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
2. Computer Algebra and Applications
3. Groebner Basis Computations
4. Probabilistic Metric Spaces
1. PhD Chaos Based Image Cryptosystems for Multimedia Applications.
2. PhD Analysis and Improvement of Some Signcryption Schemes Based on Elliptic Curves.
3. PhD Fixed Point Theorems in Fuzzy
4. PhD Fixed Point Theorems in Fuzzy Abstract Spaces.
5. PhD Asymmetric cryptographic schemes based on noncommutative structures.
6. PhD Encryption schemes based on general linear groups and grouprings
7. MS A Modified Image Encryption Scheme based on Henon Chaotic Map and Brownian Motion
8. MS A Review of Medical Image Encryption Scheme using Brownian Motion and Chaotic Mapping.
9. MS Dynamic Key Dependent S-box for Symmetric Cryptosystem and its Application in Image Encryption.
10. MS Gray-scale Image Encryption Algorithm Based on S-box and Logistic Map
11. MS Extension of Elliptic Curves over Krasner Hyperfields (A Review).
12. MS Key Exchange Protocol Based on MPF and Circulant Matrix over Tropical Algebras.
13. MS A Chaotic Color Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Information Entropy
14. MS Review on A S-Box Design Algorithm Based on a New Compound Chaotic System
15. MS Generalized Signcryption Based on Elliptic Curve.
16. MS Cryptanalysis and Modification of Certificateless Blind Signature Scheme using Elliptic Curve Cryptography
17. MS Digital Signature Based on Matrices using Tropical Algebra
18. MS Virtually Meaningful Image Encryption.
19. MS A Computational Package for Working with Elliptic Curve Groups.
20. MS Best Proximity Points for Suzuki-Edelstien Proximal Contraction in b-Metric Space.
21. MS Cryptanalysis of Matrix-based Digital Signature and Encryption Schemes based on Block Ciphers.
22. MS Cryptanalysis of Encryption Scheme based on Advanced Hill Cipher Algorithm.
23. MS Cone Extended b-Metric Space over Banach Algebra.
24. MS Noncommutative cryptography using extra special groups & Galois fields.
25. MS Cryptographic schemes based on enhanced matrix power function.
26. MS Elliptic curve based multi secret image sharing scheme.
27. MS Digital Signatures Based on Matrix Power Functions.
28. MS Key Exchange Protocol Based on Matrices using Tropical Algebras.
29. MS Student Privacy Preserving Framework Based on Blockchain Technology.
30. MS A modified version of Secret Sharing Scheme with general access structure based on Elliptic curve and pairing.
31. MS Generalization of BCP in the Setup of Complete b-Metric Space.
32. MS Modification and improvement of cryptosystem based on non-commutative platform groups.
33. MS MATLAB tool for analysis of cryptographic properties of s-boxes.
34. MS Implementation of identity based broadcast encryption scheme.
35. MS Review of carp scheme based on Chebyshev polynomial chaotic map.
36. MS Fixed point theorems for generalized weak contractions
37. MS Wardowski type fixed point theorems in b-metric spaces.
38. MS Method for designing strong s-boxes based on chaotic Lorenz system.
39. MS S-boxes generated by chaotic logistic map over a finite field.
40. MS Fixed Point theorems for some contraction in rectangular b-metric.
41. MS Some fixed-point theorems in fuzzy 2-metric and fuzzy 3-metric spaces.
42. MS Suzuki type contractions
43. MS A new contraction principle in menger spaces.
44. MS Fuzzy mappings in b-metric spaces
45. MS A study of s-boxes based on chaotic maps.
46. MS A signcryption scheme for the medical data based on hyperelliptic curves
47. MS Analysis of a multivariate polynomial trapdoor function
48. MS Secret key extension of Weyl Groebner basis cryptosystem
49. MS A study of s-boxes based on linear fractional transformation.
50. MS McEliece cryptosystem (a modified version with key extension).
51. MS A systematic comparison and review of contraction conditions
52. MS A signcryption scheme based on elliptic curve cryptography
53. MS Implementation of Mathematical Models for HCV Infection.
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