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45 Faculty of Engineering
46 BS Electrical Engineering
47 MS Electrical Engineering
48 MS Computer Engineering
49 BS Civil Engineering
50 BS Mechanical Engineering
51 PhD Computer Engineering
52 PhD Electrical Engineering
53 Faculty of Computing
54 BS Computer Science
55 BS Software Engineering
56 MS Computer Science
57 PhD Computer Science
58 BS Biosciences
59 BS Bioinformatics
60 MS Biosciences
61 MS Bioinformatics
62 PhD Biosciences
64 PhD Mathematics
65 Faculty of Management and Social Sciences
66 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
67 MBA (Regular – 3.5 years)
68 MBA (Professional – 2 years)
69 MBA (Graduate – 1.5 years)
70 MS Management Sciences (2 years)
71 PhD Management Sciences
72 MS Project Management (2 years – Weekend)
73 MS Banking (2 years – Weekend Program)
74 BS Accounting and Finance
75 Engineering program
76 Computing program
77 Management and social sciences program
78 Chancellor’s Scholarship
79 University Management
80 Registrar Office
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82 Student Affairs office
83 Accounts Office
84 Transport Office
85 Admission Office
86 Department of Electrical Engineering
87 Department of Civil Engineering
88 Department of Mechanical Engineering
89 Department of Computer Science
90 Department of Bioinformatics and Bio-sciences
91 Dept of Mathematics
92 Department of Accounting and Finance
93 Department of Management Sciences
94 Home
95 Information System for Early Fault Warning for Automotives
96 Automatic Personal Identification Biometrics System (APIBS) for Large Scale Applications
97 Real Time Implementation of H.264 Decoder for Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures
98 Development of Electronically Scanned Phase Array(ESPA) Systems
99 Modeling and simulatin of LPI Radar for Signal Processor Design and Optimaizaiton
100 Design and implementation of core Components of the 4th Generation Telecom infrastructureo
101 End To End Mobility Management Framework For Multi-homed Mobile Devices
102 High-Quality Tele-Medicine Driven Video Encoding System Under Very-Low Bitrateso
103 BS Microbiology
104 BS Biotechnology
105 MS Civil Engineering (Evening)
106 PhD Civil Engineering
107 MS Mechanical Engineering (Evening)
108 MS Engineering Management (Evening)
109 PhD Mechanical Engineering
110 Cell Biology
111 English – I (Functional English)
112 Microbiology and Immunology
113 Calculus I
114 Applied Physics
115 English – II (Communication Skills)
116 Linear Algebra
117 Cell Biology (BS1113)
118 Object Oriented Programming Lab (CS1141)
119 Object Oriented Programming (CS1143)
120 English – I (Functional English)
121 General Ecology
122 Microbiology and Immunology
123 Chemistry
124 English – II (Communications Skills)
125 Biochemistry (BS2223)
126 Animal and Plant Physiology
127 Biophysics
128 Technical Report Writing
129 Digital Logic Design (CS2513)
130 Molecular Genetics
131 Biodiversity and Conservation
132 Data Structures (CS2143)
133 Development Biology
134 Introduction to Biotechnology
135 Biosystematics and Classification
136 Bio-ethics and Bio-safety
137 Functional Genomics
138 Cell Biology (BS1113)
139 English – I (Functional English)
140 ORIC
141 Microbiology and Immunology
142 English – II (Communication Skills)
143 Chemistry
144 Bio-ethics and Bio-safety
145 Introduction to Database Systems (CS2313)
146 Functional Genomics
147 Cell Biology
148 English – I (Functional English)
149 Microbiology and Immunology
150 Chemistry
151 English – II (Communication Skills)
152 Bio-ethics and Bio-safety
153 Data Structures Lab (CS2141)
154 Advanced Functional Analysis (MT5143)
155 Advanced Numerical Techniques (MT5213)
156 Advanced Partial Differential Equations (MT5013)
157 Applied Cryptography (MT5643)
158 Computer Organization and Assembly Language (CS2523)
159 Computational Algebra (MT5313)
160 Software Engineering – I (SE2223)
161 Computational Fluid Dynamics (MT5543)
162 Mathematical Methods for Finance (MT5113)
163 Stochastic Calculus (MT5103)
164 Advanced Computer Programming (CS2153)
165 Engineering Geology (CE1313)
166 Discrete Mathematics (MTC2053)
167 Advanced Computer Programming Lab
168 Civil Engineering Materials (CE1412)
169 Design and Analysis of Algorithms (CS3163)
170 Engineering Drawing (CE1011)
171 Operating Systems (CS3413)
172 Objectives
173 Civil Engineering Materials Lab (CE1411)
174 Computer Architecture (CS3513)
175 Engineering Drawing Lab (CE1012)
176 Pakistan Studies (HMCE1012)
177 Computer Communications and Networks (CS3773)
178 Calculus and Analytical Geometry (MTCE1013)
179 Functional English (HMV 1113)
180 Theory of Automata & Formal Languages (CS3613)
181 Islamic Studies (HMCE1012)
182 Object Oriented Analysis and Design (SE3213)
183 Applied Differential Equation (MTCE1043)
184 Engineering Mechanics (CE1213)
185 Human Computer Interaction (CS3273)
186 Engineering Economics (MTCE1111)
187 Engineering Mechanics Lab (CE1211)
188 Computer Programming (CSCE1012)
189 Compiler Construction (CS4623)
190 Computer Programming Lab (CSCE1011)
191 Artificial Intelligence (CS4813)
192 Engineering Surveying (CE1112)
193 Engineering Surveying Lab (CE1182)
194 Mechanics of Solids-I (CE2223)
195 Fluid Mechanics (CE2513)
196 Advanced Engineering Surveying (CE2122)
197 Objectives
198 My Capital
199 Introduction to Programming (CS1133)
200 Health, Safety and Security
201 Capital Hostel
202 Academic Calendar
203 Mechanics of Solids-I Lab (CE2221)
204 PhD Corner
205 Student Hand Book
206 Introduction to Programming Lab (CS/SE1131)
207 Undergrad Regulations
208 MS Regulations
209 PhD Regulations
210 General Policies
211 University Dress Code
212 Students’ Discipline
213 VIS Directorate
214 Fluid Mechanics Lab (CE2511)
215 Object Oriented Programming (CS/SE1143)
216 Object Oriented Programming Lab (CS/SE1141)
217 Data Structures (CS/SE2143)
218 Advanced Engineering Surveying Lab (CE2121)
219 Data Structures Lab (CS/SE2141)
220 Statistics and Probability (MTCE2072)
221 Introduction to Database Systems (CS/SE2313)
222 Basic Electro Mechanical Engineering (EECE2013)
223 Digital Logic Design (CS2513)
224 Software Engineering – I (SE2223)
225 Basic Electro Mechanical Engineering Lab (EECE2011)
226 Computer Organization and Assembly Language (CS2523)
227 Civil Engineering Drawing and Graphics (CE2021)
228 Advanced Computer Programming (CS2153)
229 Advanced Computer Programming Lab
230 Design and Analysis of Algorithms (CS3163)
231 Operating Systems (CS3413)
232 Structural Analysis-I (CE2423)
233 Computer Communications and Networks (CS3773)
234 Human Computer Interaction (CS3273)
235 Soil Mechanics (CE2323)
236 Agile Software Development (SE3823)
237 Civil Engineering Drawing and Graphics Lab (CE2022)
238 Soil Mechanics Lab (CE2321)
239 Advanced Computer Architecture (CS5413)
240 Numerical Analysis (MTCE2063)
241 Communication Skills (HMCE2123)
242 Quantity Surveying and Estimation (CE3033)
243 Structural Analysis-II (CE3433)
244 Advanced Fluid Mechanics (CE3523)
245 Advanced Fluid Mechanics Lab (CE3521)
246 Professional Ethics (HMCE3032)
247 Pakistan Studies
248 Societies & Clubs
249 Plain & Reinforced Concrete-I (CE3443)
250 Plain & Reinforced Concrete-I Lab (CE3441)
251 Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills (HMCE3133)
252 Introduction to Computing (CSEE1101)
253 Construction Management (CE3833)
254 Applied Physics Lab (PHEE1011)
255 Linear Circuit Analysis (EE1213)
256 Workshop Practise (EE1021)
257 Hydrology & Water Resources Management (CE3543)
258 Transportation Planning & Engineering (CE3613)
259 Linear Circuit Analysis Lab (EE1211)
260 Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering (CE3333)
261 Hydrology & Water Resources Management Lab (CE3541)
262 Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering Lab (CE3331)
263 Plain & Reinforced Concrete-II Lab (CE3451)
264 Plain & Reinforced Concrete-II (CE3453)
265 OOP & Data Structures (CSEE1133)
266 Environmental Engineering-I (CE4712)
267 Highway & Traffic Engineering (CE4623)
268 Environmental Engineering-I Lab (CE4711)
269 Highway & Traffic Engineering Lab (CE4621)
270 Hazards and Disaster Management (CE4831)
271 Complex Variables and Transforms (MTEE2053)
272 Earthquake-resistant Design of Concrete Structures (CE4461)
273 Earthquake-resistant Design of Concrete Structures Lab (CE4491)
274 Electrical Network Analysis (EE2253)
275 Geoinformatics (CE4131)
276 Basic Electronics (EE2223)
277 Environmental Engineering-II (CE4722)
278 Steel Structures (CE4473)
279 Hydraulics & Irrigation Engineering (CE4533)
280 Digital Logic Design (EE2313)
281 Geoinformatics Lab (CE4191)
282 Basic Electronics Lab (EE2221)
283 Hydraulics & Irrigation Engineering Lab (CE4531)
284 Digital Logic Design Lab (EE2311)
285 Workshop Practice – I (ME1801)
286 Applied Chemistry (CHME1012)
287 Computer System & Programming (CSME1012)
288 Probability and Random Variables (EE2413)
289 Computer System & Programming Lab (CSME1011)
290 Calculus and Analytical Geometry (MTME1013)
291 Signals & Systems (EE2613)
292 Applied Physics (PHME1012)
293 Signals & Systems Lab (EE2611)
294 Applied Physics Lab (PHME1011)
295 Electronics Circuit Design (EE2233)
296 English – I (HMME1013)
297 Pakistan Studies (HMME1002)
298 PhD Announcements
299 Engineering Drawing and Graphics (ME1011)
300 Electronics Circuit Design Lab (EE2231)
301 Thermodynamics – I (ME1113)
302 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (EE3513)
303 Engineering Statics (ME1213)
304 Workshop Practice – II (ME1811)
305 Microprocessor and Computer Architecture (EE3323)
306 Publication Requirement
307 Microprocessor and Computer Architecture Lab (EE3321)
308 Engineering Materials (ME1413)
309 Engineering Drawing and Graphics Lab (ME1022)
310 Electrical Machines (EE3283)
311 Applied Differential Equation (MTME1043)
312 English – II (HMME 1023)
313 Engineering Dynamics (ME2223)
314 Electrical Machines Lab (EE3281)
315 Thermodynamics – II (ME2123)
316 Communication Systems (EE3713)
317 Thermodynamics Lab (ME2121)
318 Engineering Mechanics Lab (ME2221)
319 Power Distributuion and Utilization (EE3143)
320 Electrical Engineering (EEME2742)
321 Electrical Engineering Lab (EEME2741)
322 Instrumentation & Measurement (EE3263)
323 Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis (MTME2063)
324 Islamic Studies/Ethics (HMME1012)
325 Communication Systems Lab (EE3711)
326 Power Distribution and Utilization Lab (EE3141)
327 Mechanics of Materials – I (ME2233)
328 Instrumentation and Measurement Lab
329 Fluid Mechanics – I (ME2513)
330 Control Systems (EE4813)
331 Mechanics of Machines (ME2033)
332 Control Systems Lab (EE4811)
333 Mechanics of Machines Lab (ME2031)
334 Electronics Engineering (EEME2752)
335 Electronics Engineering Lab (EEME2751)
336 Complex Variables and Transforms (MTME2053)
337 English – III (HMME3033)
338 Engineering Statistics (MT3073)
339 Fluid Mechanics – II (ME3523)
340 Object Oriented Analysis and Design (SE3213)
341 Mechanics of Materials – II (ME3243)
342 Fluid Mechanics Lab (ME3521)
343 Mechanics of Materials Lab (ME3241)
344 Machine Design and CAD – I (ME3052)
345 Machine Design and CAD – I Lab (ME3051)
346 Manufacturing Processes (ME3613)
347 Heat & Mass Transfer (ME3133)
348 Precision Engg. & Metrology (ME3312)
349 Precision Engg. & Metrology Lab (ME3311)
350 Heat & Mass Transfer Lab (ME3131)
351 Machine Design and CAD II Lab (ME3061)
352 Machine Design and CAD II (ME3063)
353 Manufacturing Processes Lab (ME3611)
354 Design Project – I (ME4912)
355 IC Engine (ME4142)
356 IC Engine Lab (ME4141)
357 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (ME4153)
358 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab (ME4151)
359 Control Engineering Lab (EEME4011)
360 Control Engineering (EEME4012)
361 Mechanical Vibrations (ME4253)
362 Design Project – II (ME4924)
363 Mechanical Vibrations Lab (ME4251)
364 Pakistan Studies (HM1002)
365 English – I (Functional English) (HM1013)
366 Introduction to Computing (CSB1113)
367 English – II (Communication Skills) (HM1023)
368 Islamic Studies (HM1012)
369 Messages
370 Chancellor’s Message
371 Vice Chancellor ‘s Message
372 Dean Faculty of Computing ‘s Message
373 Dean Faculty of Engineering ‘s Message
374 Dean Faculty of Management Sciences ‘s Message
375 HoD Bioinformatics/Biosciences ‘s Message
376 HoD Electrical Engineering ‘s Message
377 HoD Mechanical Engineering ‘s Message
378 HoD Computer Sciences ‘s Message
379 HoD Mathematics ‘s Message
380 HoD Management Sciences ‘s Message
381 HoD Civil Engineering ‘s Message
382 Genesis
383 HEC & PEC Recognition
384 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed
385 Social Responsibility
386 Directorate Overview
387 Benefits of VIS
388 Tabdeeli Society
389 Partners
390 Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
391 Gallery
392 Directory
393 Composition of Admission Test
394 Criteria for Selection of Successful Candidates
395 Faculty Members
396 Faculty Members
397 Faculty Members
398 Faculty Members
399 Privacy Policy
400 Admission Ad
401 English – I (Functional English)
402 Placement Office of External Linkages and International Collaborations
403 ORIC Committee
404 Harassment at Workplace
405 Research
406 Advisory Board
407 Control and Signal Processing Research Group
408 PhD Repository
410 Plagiarism Committee
411 R&D Projects
412 Department of Pharmacy
413 Pharm.D.
414 Privacy Policy
415 Weekly Distribution of Academic Year
416 Admissions
417 Structural Material Research Group (SMaRG)
418 Performance Based Seismic Evaluation, Vibration Control and Seismic Risk Assessment Research Group
419 Construction Management Research Group
420 Center of Research in Network & Telecom (Corenet)
421 Research Group of Microelectronics and Microwaves
422 Acme Center for Research in Wireless Communications (ARWiC)
423 Thermofluids
424 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Group
425 Design & Machines
426 Control & Automation
427 Centre for Research in Data Science, Semantics, & Scientometrics (CRDS3)
428 Data Management and Analytics (DMA)
429 Parallel Computing and Network
430 Center for Software Dependability (CSD)
431 CUST OB & HR Research Group
432 Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Research Group GMER
433 Green Biotechnology
434 Human Molecular Genetics
435 Integrative BioSciences Research Group
436 M. Mansoor Ahmed
437 Umer Farooq Ahmed
438 Umair Rafique
439 Login Designer
440 Urgent Degree Request Form
441 Master of Business Administration (MBA)
443 Featured Achievements
444 Research Group of Organizational Behavior
445 Research Group of Structural Engineering
446 Research Group of Construction Management
447 Research Group of Industrial and Systems Engineering
448 Research Group of Thermo-fluids
449 Research Group of Control and Automation
450 Research Group of Design and Machine
451 Research Group of Control Systems
452 Research Group of Signal and Image Processing
453 Research Group of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
454 Parallel Computing and Networks
455 PhD Thesis
456 Home
457 Vice Chancellor
458 Summer 19
459 Fall 19
460 Spring 19
461 Introduction to Computing Lab (CSEE1111)
462 Calculus and Analytic Geometry (MTEE1013)
463 Applied Physics (PHEE1013)
464 Engineering Drawing (EE1011)
465 English – II (Communications Skills)
466 Computer Programming (CSEE1122)
467 Computer Programming Lab (CSEE1121)
468 Linear Algebra (MTEE1033)
469 Applied Differential Equation (MTEE1043)
470 OOP & Data Structures Lab (CSEE2121)
471 Microprocessors & Computer Architecture (EE3323)
472 Microprocessors & Computer Architecture Lab (EE3321)
473 Islamic Studies (HMEE1012)
474 Control Systems (EE4813)
475 Control Systems Lab (EE3811)
476 Communication Systems (EE3713)
477 Communication Systems Lab (EE3711)
478 Technical Report Writing (HMEE2033)
479 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (EE3513)
480 Basic Electrical Engineering (EECE1011 )
481 Computer Programming (CSCE1012 )
482 Applied Differential Equation (MTCE1043)
483 Engineering Mechanics (CE1213)
484 Engineering Surveying (CE1112)
485 Engineering Economics (MTCE1111)
486 Basic Electrical Engineering Lab (EECE1091)
487 Computer Programming Lab (CSCE1011)
488 Communication Skills (HMCE2123)
489 Islamic Studies (HMCE2012 )
490 Basic Mechanical Engineering (MECE2011)
491 Mechanics of Solids (CE2223)
492 Fluid Mechanics (CE2513)
493 Advanced Engineering Surveying (CE2122)
494 Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab (MECE2091)
495 Mechanics of Solids Lab (CE2221)
496 Fluid Mechanics Lab (CE2511)
497 Advanced Engineering Surveying Lab (CE2121)
498 Technical Report Writing (HMCE2133)
499 Civil Engineering Drawing and Graphics (CE2021)
500 Numerical and Complex Analysis (MTCE2063)
501 Construction Engineering (CE2811)
502 Structural Analysis – I (CE2423)
503 Advanced Fluid Mechanics (CE2523)
504 Civil Engineering Drawing and Graphics Lab (CE2022)
505 Construction Engineering Lab (CE2891)
506 Probability and Statistics (MTCE3072)
507 Geo Informatics (CE3131)
508 Environmental Engineering (CE3713)
509 Structural Analysis-II (CE3433)
510 Soil Mechanics (CE3323)
511 Plain & Reinforced Concrete-I (CE3443)
512 Soil Mechanics Lab (CE3321)
513 Geo Informatics Lab (CE3191)
514 Quantity Surveying & Estimation (CE3033)
515 Plain & Reinforced Concrete-II (CE3453)
516 Geo-Technical and Foundation Engineering (CE3333)
517 Hydrology & Water Resources Management Lab (CE3541)
518 Plain and Reinforced Concrete-II Lab (CE3451)
519 Geo-Technical & Foundation Engineering Lab (CE3331)
520 Architecture and Town Planning (ARCE4823)
521 Earthquake-resistant Design of Concrete Structures (CE4461)
522 Highway and Traffic Engineering (CE4623)
523 Construction Management (CE4833)
524 Earthquake-resistant Design of Concrete Structures Lab (CE4491)
525 Highway and Traffic Engineering Lab (CE4621)
526 Design Project (Part-I) (CE4912)
527 Professional Ethics (HMCE4032)
528 Environmental Engineering-II (CE4721)
529 Steel Structures (CE4473)
530 Hydraulics and Irrigation Engineering (CE4533)
531 Hydraulics and Irrigation Engineering Lab (CE4531)
532 Environmental Engineering Lab (CE4791 )
533 Design Project (Part-II) (CE4924)
534 Introduction to Programming (CS1133)
535 Discrete Structures (CS2053)
536 Artificial Intelligence (CS4813)
537 Operating System (CS3413)
538 Digital Logic Design (CS2513)
539 Computer Communications and Networks (CS3773)
540 Cell Biology Lab (BS1111)
541 Biochemistry Lab (BS2221)
542 Introduction to Microbiology (BS1143)
543 Introduction to Microbiology Lab (BS1141)
544 Protein Chemistry (BS3513)
545 Molecular Genetics (BS2423)
546 Molecular Genetics Lab (BS2421)
547 Introduction to Bioinformatics (BS2713)
548 Introduction to Bioinformatics Lab (BS2711)
549 Bio-ethics and Bio-safety (BS3823)
550 Introduction to Immunology (BS1153)
551 Introduction to Immunology Lab (BS1151)
552 Biodiversity and Conservation (BS2172)
553 Functional Genomics (BS4523)
554 Endocrinology (BS3183)
555 Animal and Plant Physiology (BS3153)
556 General Ecology (BS2123)
557 Evolutionary Biology (BS3173)
558 Development Biology (BS2163)
559 Cell Biology Lab (BS1111)
560 Biochemistry (BS2223)
561 Biochemistry Lab (BS2221)
562 Introduction to Microbiology (BS1143)
563 Introduction to Microbiology Lab (BS1141)
564 Protein Chemistry
565 Molecular Genetics (BS2423)
566 Molecular Genetics Lab (BS2421)
567 Introduction to Bioinformatics (BS2713)
568 Introduction to Bioinformatics Lab (BS2711)
569 Introduction to Biotechnology (BS3813)
570 Introduction to Immunology (BS1153)
571 Introduction to Immunology Lab (BS1151)
572 Functional Genomics (BS4523)
573 Microbial Ecology (MB2323)
574 Virology (MB3333)
575 Mycology (MB3353)
576 Soil Microbiology (MB4323)
577 Food Microbiology (MB4333)
578 Medical Microbiology (MB3513)
579 Microbial Genetics (MB3413)
580 Bio-ethics and Bio-safety (BS3823)
581 Cell Biology (BS1113)
582 Cell Biology Lab (BS1111)
583 Introduction to Microbiology (BS1143)
584 Introduction to Microbiology Lab (BS1141)
585 Introduction to Immunology (BS1153)
586 Introduction to Immunology Lab (BS1151)
587 Biochemistry (BS2223)
588 Biochemistry Lab (BS2221)
589 Molecular Genetics (BS2423)
590 Molecular Genetics Lab (BS2421)
591 Protein Chemistry (BS3513)
592 Introduction to Biotechnology (BS3813)
593 Introduction to Bioinformatics (BS2713)
594 Introduction to Bioinformatics Lab (BS2711)
595 Animal and Plant Physiology (BS2153)
596 Agriculture Biotechnology (BT3853)
597 Industrial Biotechnology (BT3733)
598 Genetic Engineering (BS4453)
599 Health Biotechnology (BT3843)
600 Environmental Biotechnology (BT4873)
601 Microbial Biotechnology (BT3373/MB3413)
602 Bioethics and Biosafety (BS4523)
603 Functional Genomics (BS4523)
604 Blind Deconvolution of Still Images Using Hybrid Computing
606 FPGA-Compliant Micro Pipeline Based Asynchronous Systems
607 Rotation And Gray-Scale Invariant Texture Analysis
608 New Schemes of MUD for Synchronous DS-CDMA & its Overloaded Systems
609 Automated Testing of Object Oriented Systems using VDM++ and UML Communication Diagrams
611 Modeling Techniques of Submicron GaAs MESFETs and HEMTs
612 SUKUK: Sharia’h And Regulatory Implications
613 Systematic Risks and Asset Pricing
614 Determinants of Corporate Financing Patterns and Their Impact on Corporate Financial Performance
615 Trading in Single Stock Futures Contracts and Stock Price Behavior of the Underlying Stocks.
616 Impact of Judicial Efficiency on Leverage and Debt-Maturity Structure
617 Dynamics of Exchange Rate and Stock Prices: A Study on Emerging Asian Economies
618 Impact of Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices on Organizational Performance: A Mediating Role of Employee Performance
620 Cross-term Suppression in Winger Distribution.
621 Development of a Model of Organizational Behavior (OCB): A Comparative Study of University Teachers From a Developing and Developed Country
622 Developing Entrepreneurial Model for Pakistani SMEs: A Case Study PM Commercial Fast-food SMEs
623 Organizational Cynicism Development and Testing of an Integrated Model: A Study of Public Sector Employee in Pakistan
624 Robust Smooth Model-Free Control Methodologies For Industrial Applications
625 Misfire Fault Detection In Spark Ignition Engine Using Hybrid Model
626 Fault Diagnosis Methodologies for Automotive Engine Air Intake Path
627 QoS Optimization Through Capacity Aggregation of Multiple Links in Heterogeneous Wireless Network.
628 Identification and Estimation of the Role of Internal Micro Level
629 Impact of High Performance Work Practices System on Organizational Performance.
630 Modeling and Characterization of Cellular Mobile Channels for 3-D Radia Propagation Environments
631 Theory of Dynamic Integral Sliding Mode and its Applications
632 Impact of Knowledge Management System on Organizational Performance with Mediating Effects of Innovation.
633 Meditation Training in Organization: Effect on work Family Interaction, Stress, and Outcomes.
634 Impact of Different Types of Employee Participation on Organizational Commitment: A Comparative Study of Pakistan and United States of America.
635 Tendencies towards Consumer’s Compulsive Buying Behavior.
636 A Combination of Linear & Quadratic Time – Frequency Techniques for Time Varying Signals.
637 Energy Aware Routing in Wireless Sensor Network.
638 Antecedents and Consequences of Organizational Politics A Study of the Public Sector Organizations of Pakistan.
639 Impact of Corporate Governance Code on Firm Performance: A Comparative Analysis of Pakistan Malaysia.
640 Adaptive Routing Update Framework for VANET.
641 Higher Order Sliding Mode Based Parameter Estimation and Control of a Pressurized Water Reactor.
642 Higher Order Sliding Mode Observer – Based Fault Diagnosis in Automotive PEM Fuel Cell System.
643 Fingerprint Distortion Removal and Enhancement by Effective Use of Contextual Filtering
644 Structure Learning Framework Based on Mutual Coherence in Belief Network
645 Financing and Managing Poverty Reduction in Rural Pakistan: A Case of DG Khan and Rajanpur Districts.
646 Determinants of Corporate Cash Holdings and its Implication: Evidence from Pakistan’s Corporate Sector.
647 Impact of Stressors on Employee Performance: Moderating Role of Big Five Traits.
648 Remodeling Corporate Social Responsibility: Development & Reporting of Theory, Scale and Index of Corporate Life Sustainability
649 A Comprehensive Framework for Global and Domestic Asset Allocation
650 Impact of Nurses Personality on Patients Satisfaction: An Occupational Focus on Mediating and Moderating Mechanisms.
651 An Automated Approach to Model Based Testing of Multi-Agent Systems
652 Multifactor Asset Pricing Model for Pakistani Equity Market
653 Impact of Perceived External and Internal Corporative Social Responsibility on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Moderated Mediated Model
654 Determinants and Outcomes of Internalized and Social Stigma in the Workplace
655 Guidance of Aerospace Vehicles: A Sliding mode approach.
656 Modeling and Characterization of Mobile-to-Mobile Communication Channels.
657 Sub-Riemannian Problem on Lie Group of Motions of Pseudo Euclidean Plane
658 Recommending Relevant Papers Using In-Text Citation Frequencies and Patterns.
659 Genome Wide Mapping of Chromatin States Based on Histone Combinatorics for Determination of Epigenetic Expression
660 Cost-Effective Routing and Cooperative Frame Work for Opportunistic Networks
661 Performance and Efficiency Dynamics of Initial Public Offerings in Pakistan Sector-wise Analysis Focus.
662 Modeling Authentic Leadership and Mastery Goal Orientation with Employees Attitudinal and Behavioral Outcomes, Keeping Employee Work Experience in Focus
663 Efficient Framework for Macroblock prediction and parallel task assignment in video coding
664 Towards facial Asymmetry Based Face Recognition
665 Multi-Label Classification of Computer Science Research Papers using Papers’ Metadata
666 Mode Identification Based Fault Diagnosis of Hybrid Systems
667 Dynamics of Financial Structure Adjustments and Firms Financial Performance
668 Factors Affecting Working Capital Management Practices and Determining Firm’s Performance: A Comparative Analysis of Listed Companies in Pakistan
669 Impact of Personality on Adaptive Performance with Mediating Role of Emotional Labor: Testing a Mediated Moderated Model among Front-Line Female Hospitality Industry Employees in Pakistan.
670 OWL2 Benchmarking for the Evaluation of the Knowledge based systems’ platforms
671 Research Paper Recommendation by Exploring Co-citation Occurrences in Sections of Scientific Papers
672 Research Paper Recommendation Using Citation Proximity Analysis in Bibliographic Coupling
673 Synchronization Control for Master-Slave Systems Subject to Nonlinearities and Time Delay
674 A Mixture Theory Approach for Modeling Fluid Flow Through Deformable Porous Tissues
675 Evaluation of Hidden Markov Model for Malware Behavioral Classification
676 C* -Valued G-Contraction and Fixed Point
677 Stabilization of Perturbed Nonholonomic Systems in Chained Form
678 Fixed Point Theorems in Operators-Valued Metric Spaces
679 Stabilization of Nonholonomic Systems
680 Sliding Mode Based Robust Control Design Framework for Underactuated Mechanical Systems
681 3D Face Recognition Based on Pose and Expression Invariant Alignment
682 Elevated Temperature Modeling of Wide Bandgap High Electron Mobility Transistors
683 Sliding Mode Framework Based Fault Tolerant Control for Air Path Actuators of a Turbocharged Diesel Engine.
684 Impact of Internal Marketing on Faculty’s Service Quality with Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction: A Study of Higher Education Institutions of Pakistan
685 Factors Determining Women Entrepreneurship in a South Asian Context
686 An Integrated Framework for Antecedents and Consequences of Abusive Supervision: Test of Multilevel Model
687 Internal Marketing and Employee’s Innovative Work Behavior: The Mediating Role of Job Embeddedness
688 Organizational Justice a New Theoretical Perspective: A Study from Private Higher Educational Institutions of Pakistan
689 Stability Analysis of the Financial Systems of Pakistan and India
690 Interrelationship Between Basel Accords Regulations, Efficiency and Risk. An Empirical Analysis of Pakistani Banking Industry
691 A Spirituality Based Model of Personality Assessment for Manager in Relation to Job Satisfaction, Organization Citizenship Behavior and Paranoia; and the Moderating Role of Workplace Spirituality
692 Positive Psychological States and Innovative Work Behavior: The Role of Relational Leadership
693 Leader-Member Exchange and Agreeableness as Determinants of Facade of Conformity: A Moderated-Mediation Model involving Emotional Exhaustion, Trust in Management, Emotional Stability and Outcomes
694 A Low Complexity Signed-Response Based Secure and Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
695 New Cryptographic Techniques Based on Noncommutative Structures
696 New Encryption Schemes Based on General Linear Group Over Finite Fields and Grouprings
697 SIM-Cumulus: A Large-Scale Network-Simulation-as-a-Service
698 Bioinformatics and Experimental Analysis of the Genetic and Non-genetic Basis of Breast Cancer in Pakistani Population
699 Proportional Load Sharing and Stability of DC Microgrid
700 Bandpass Sampling Methodology for Uniformly Spaced Multiband Energy-Sparse Spectrum
701 Robust Control of Under-actuated Systems via Sliding Modes
702 Evaluation of Union Commitment as an Outcome of Negative Workplace Events, Using the Lens of Affective Events Theory; A Six Times Lags Study
703 Cost of Equity Dynamics: A Comparison Across Emerging and Developed Markets
704 Physical Pharmacy (PH1113)
705 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IA (Organic) (PH1313)
706 Pharmaceutics Chemistry-IIA (Biochemistry) (PH1333)
707 Physiology-A (PH1513)
708 Anatomy & Histology (PH1533)
709 Pharmaceutics-IA (Physical Pharmacy) Lab (PH1111)
710 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IA (Organic) Lab (PH1311)
711 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IA (Organic) Lab (PH1311)
712 Pharmaceutics Chemistry-IIA (Biochemistry) Lab (PH1331)
713 Physiology-A Lab (PH1511)
714 Anatomy & Histology Lab (PH1531)
715 Pharmaceutics-IB (Physical Pharmacy) (PH1123)
716 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IB (Organic) (PH1323)
717 Pharmaceutics Chemistry-IIB (Biochemistry) (PH1343)
718 Physiology-B (PH1523)
719 Pharmaceutics-IB (Physical Pharmacy) Lab (PH1121)
720 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IB (Organic) Lab (PH1321)
721 Pharmaceutics Chemistry-IIB (Biochemistry) Lab (PH1341)
722 Physiology-B Lab (PH1521)
723 Pharmaceutics-IIA (Dosage Forms Science) (PH2133)
724 Pharmaceutics-IIIA (Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Immunology) (PH2153)
725 Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IA (PH2543)
726 Pharmacognosy-IA (Basic) (PH2713)
727 Pharmaceutics-IIA (Dosage Forms Science) Lab (PH2131)
728 Pharmaceutics-IIIA (Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Immunology) Lab (PH2151)
729 Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IA Lab (PH2541)
730 Pharmacognosy-IA (Basic) Lab (PH2711)
731 Pharmaceutics-IIB (Dosage Forms Science) (PH2143)
732 Pharmaceutics-IIIB (Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Immunology) (PH2163)
733 Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IB (PH2553)
734 Pharmacognosy-IB (Basic) (PH2723)
735 Pharmaceutics-IIB (Dosage Forms Science) Lab (PH2141)
736 Pharmaceutics-IIIB (Pharmaceutical Microbiology &Immunology) Lab (Ph2161)
737 Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IB Lab (PH2551)
738 Pharmacognosy-IB (Basic) Lab (PH2721)
739 Pharmacy Practice-IIA (Dispensing Pharmacy) (PH3813)
740 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIIA (Pharmaceutical Analysis) (PH3353)
741 Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IIA (PH3563)
742 Pharmacognosy-IIA (Advanced) (PH3733)
743 Pathology (PH3583)
744 Pharmacy Practice-IIA (Dispensing Pharmacy) Lab (PH3811)
745 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIIA (Pharmaceutical Analysis) Lab (PH3351)
746 Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IIA Lab (PH3561)
747 Pharmacognosy-IIA (Advanced) Lab (3731)
748 Pathology Lab (PH3581)
749 Pharmacy Practice-IIB (Community, Social & Administrative Pharmacy) (PH3823)
750 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIIB(Pharmaceutical Analysis) (PH3363)
751 Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IIB (PH3573)
752 Pharmacognosy-IIB (Advanced) (PH3743)
753 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIIB (Pharmaceutical Analysis) Lab (PH3361)
754 Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IIB Lab (PH3571)
755 Pharmacognosy-IIB (Advanced) Lab Lab (PH3741)
756 Pharmacy Practice-IVA (Hospital Pharmacy) (PH4833)
757 Pharmacy Practice-VA (Clinical Pharmacy-I) (PH4853)
758 Pharmaceutics-IVA (Industrial Pharmacy) (PH4173)
759 Pharmaceutics-VA (Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics) (PH4213)
760 Pharmaceutics-VIA (Pharmaceutical Quality Management) (PH4233)
761 Pharmacy Practice-VA (Clinical Pharmacy-I) Lab (PH4851)
762 Pharmaceutics-IVA (Industrial Pharmacy) Lab (PH4271)
763 Pharmaceutics-VA (Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics) Lab (PH4211)
764 Pharmaceutics-VIA (Pharmaceutical Quality Management) Lab (PH4231)
765 Pharmacy Practice-IVB (Hospital Pharmacy) (PH4843)
766 Pharmacy Practice-VB (Clinical Pharmacy-I) (PH4863)
767 Pharmaceutics-IVB (Industrial Pharmacy) (PH4183)
768 Pharmaceutics-VB (Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics) (PH4223)
769 Pharmaceutics-VIB (Pharmaceutical Quality Management) (PH4243)
770 Pharmacy Practice-VB (Clinical Pharmacy-I) Lab (PH4861)
771 Pharmaceutics-IVB (Industrial Pharmacy) Lab (PH4181)
772 Pharmaceutics-VIB (Pharmaceutical Quality Management) Lab (PH4241)
773 Pharmaceutics-VB (Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics) Lab (PH4221)
774 Pharmaceutics-VIIA (Pharmaceutical Technology) (PH5253)
775 Pharmacy Practice-VIA (Advanced Clinical Pharmacy-II) (PH5873)
776 Pharmacy Practice-VIIA (Forensic Pharmacy) (PH5913)
777 Pharmacy Practice-VIIIA (Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing) (PH5933)
778 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IVA (Medicinal Chemistry) (PH5373)
779 Pharmaceutics-VIIA (Pharmaceutical Technology) Lab (PH5251)
780 Pharmacy Practice-VIA (Advanced Clinical Pharmacy-II) Lab (PH5871)
781 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IVA (Medicinal Chemistry) Lab (PH5371)
782 Pharmaceutics-VIIB (Pharmaceutical Technology) (PH5263)
783 Pharmacy Practice-VIB (Advanced Clinical Pharmacy-II) (PH5883)
784 Pharmacy Practice-VIIB (Forensic Pharmacy) (PH5923)
785 Pharmacy Practice-VIIIB (Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing) (PH5943)
786 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IVB (Medicinal Chemistry) (PH5383)
787 Pharmaceutics-VIIB (Pharmaceutical Technology) Lab (PH5261)
788 Pharmacy Practice-VIB (Advanced Clinical Pharmacy-II) Lab (PH5881)
789 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IVB (Medicinal Chemistry) Lab (PH5381)
790 Principles of Microeconomics (ECOB1003)
791 Principles of Management (MGTB1003)
792 Introduction to Computing Lab (CSB1111)
793 Principles of Marketing (MKTB1003)
794 Business Information System (MISB1003)
795 Principles of Macroeconomics (ECOB1013)
796 Personal Management & Grooming (HM1033)
797 Introduction to HRM (HRMB2003)
798 Principles of Accounting I (ACCB2003)
799 Business Mathematics (MTHB2003)
800 Introduction to Psychology (HMB2053)
801 Principles of Accounting II (ACCB2013)
802 Marketing Management (MKTB2013)
803 Business Finance (FINB3003)
804 Statistics for Business (MTHB3013)
805 Managerial Ethics (MGTB3053)
806 Legal Environment in Business (LAWB3003)
807 Financial Management (FINB3013)
808 Cost Accounting (ACCB3033)
809 Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTB4003)
810 Consumer Behavior (MKTB4033)
811 Major World Religions (HMB4xx3)
812 Organizational Behavior (MGTB4073)
813 International Business Management (MGTB4133)
814 Pakistan Studies (HM1002)
815 English – I (HMB1013)
816 Introduction to Computing + Lab (CSB1114)
817 Principle of Management
818 Principles of Microeconomics (ECOB1003)
819 English – II (HMB1023)
820 Islamic Studies (HMB1012)
821 Principles of Macroeconomics (ECOB1013)
822 Personal Management & Grooming (HMB1033)
823 Principles of Marketing (MKTB1003)
824 Business Information System (MISB1003)
825 Business Mathematics (MTHB2003)
826 Introduction to Psychology (HMB2053)
827 Major World Religions (HMB2113)
828 Principles of Accounting I (ACCB2003)
829 Introduction to HRM (HRMB2003)
830 Principles of Accounting II (ACCB2013)
831 Marketing Management (MKTB2013)
832 Introduction to Sociology (HMB2063)
833 Statistics for Business (MTHB3013)
834 Managerial Ethics (MGTB3053)
835 Business Finance (FINB3003)
836 Legal Environment in Business (LAWB3003)
837 Financial Management (FINB3013)
838 Cost Accounting (ACCB3033)
839 Management Information System (MISB3043)
840 Management Information System (MISB3043)
841 Verbal Communication Skills (BCMB3083)
842 Corporate Finance (FINB4103)
843 Project Management (MGTB4063)
844 Principles of Management (MGTP1003)
845 Microeconomics (ECOP1003)
846 Introduction to Computer (CSP1003)
847 English-I (HMP1003)
848 Introduction to Psychology (PSYB1003)
849 English-II (HMP1013)
850 Islamic Studies / Ethics (HMP1002)
851 Macroeconomics (ECOP1013)
852 Principles of Marketing (MKTP1003)
853 Statistics (MTHP1003)
854 Verbal Communication Skills (BCMP2003)
855 Mathematics (MTHP2003)
856 Pakistan Studies (HMP2012)
857 Personal Grooming and Development (HMP2023)
858 Sociology (HMP2063)
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865 English – A (Functional English) (HMPH1012)
866 English-B (Communication & Writing skills) (HMPH1024)
867 Islamic Studies (HMPH2033)
868 Pakistan Studies (HMPH2042)
869 Annual Report
870 Policies
871 Gallery
872 Placement Office
874 Pharmacy Updates
879 Application of Sliding Mode Theory to Guidance and Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
880 On Performance Based Design of Smooth Sliding Mode Control
881 An Integrated Model of Stress, Personality, Social Support and Outcomes: A Study of Financial Sector of Pakistan.
882 Employees’ Responses to Perceived Organizational Injustice: Examining the Role of Psychological Capital
883 Information Environment Quality and its Impact on Return and Investment Decision
884 Impact of Financial Intermediation on Micro and Macro Level Growth in an Emerging Economy: An Analytical Study from Pakistan.
885 Family Dynamics and Buying Decision for Meat: Development & Testing of Model for Pakistani Consumer Market.
886 Peristaltic Flow of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids
887 Modeling of MIMO Radio Channels for Mobile-to-Mobile and Umbrella Cell Based Cellular Communication Systems.
888 Control Oriented Modeling of Gasoline Engines: A New Paradigm.
889 Modeling and Control of Atkinson Cycle VVT Engine for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)
890 Behavioral Biases and Stock Market Reactions: A Study of Pakistani Market.
891 Using Organizational Cronyism as an Explanatory Mechanism in the Relationship Between Leader Member Exchange, Psychological Contracts and Outcomes; Moderating Role of Culture.
892 Analytical and Optimization Based Modeling Techniques to Assess the Performance of Submicron SiC MESFETs.
893 Perception of Politics: A Curat’s Egg: Developing a Dual Path Model to Examine Positive and Negative Outcomes.
894 Test Data Generation for Evolutionary Mutation Testing of Object-Oriented Programs.
895 Investigating Protein Semantic Similarity Measurement and its Correlation with Sequence Similarity.
896 Numerical Study of Heat and Mass Transfer of MHD flow over a stretching sheet
897 A Framework for Mining Emerging Trends in Web Clickstreams with Particle Swarm Optimization.
898 Orthogonal and Non Orthogonal Stagnation Point Flows
899 Energy-Balancing with Sink Mobility in the Design of Underwater Routing Protocols
900 Processing-Efficient Distributed Adaptive RLS Filtering for Computationally-Constrained Platforms
901 Impact of Neurotransmitters, Emotional Intelligence and Personality on Investor’s Behavior and Investment Decisions.
902 Personality and Psychological Contracts: Mediating Roles of Epistemic Curiosity and Rule-following Behavior with Moderating Role of Uncertainty Avoidance
903 Values-based Culture: Development of Multidimensional Measure and Multilevel Assessment of Theoretical Construct through Servant Leadership Theory
904 Corporate Frauds: Factors Eliciting Fraud Behavior and Firms’ Financial Prospects
905 Do Firms Imitate: The Moderating Role of Ownership Concentration in Relation Between Peer Effect and Corporate Financial Policies
906 Tuberculosis (TB) Related Stigma: A Conceptual Framework and Workplace Implications
907 Impact of Consumer Stressors on Impulsive Buying Behavior with Consumer Emotional Intelligence as the Moderator of the mediating Role of Stress: A Moderated-Mediation Model
908 Determinants of Corporate Borrowing: A Comparative Study of Developed, Emerging and Developing Countries
909 Ontology for Inter-Research Paper Similarity Measures (COReS) and its Applications
910 Construction of Biological Association Network for Connected Components Analysis Using Graph Theory
911 Identification of Temporal Specificity and Focus Time Estimation in News Documents
912 Development of Energy Management Techniques for Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV): Three-Wheeler Rickshaw
913 Fast Video Encoding using Spatio-Temporal Features and Ensemble Classification
914 Fixed Frequency Sliding Mode Control for Power Electronic Converters
915 Leader Member Exchange, Social Comparison and Subjective Career Success: Envy and its positive Outcomes as Explanatory Mechanism
916 Asset Pricing and Stylized Facts for a Multi-Factor World: A Model beyond Conventional Anomalies
917 Optimization of Semantic Cache Query Processing System
918 Impact of Executives: Attributes on Strategic Financial Decisions: A Comparative Study on Sharia and Non-Sharia Compliant Firms of UK and Pakistan
919 Understanding the Dynamics of Business Groups in Pakistan. A Focus on the Financial Performance and Dividend Policy.
920 Numerical Simulation of Mixed Convective Nanofluid Flows in a Square Cavity
921 Resource Efficient Multi-dimensional Cache Management Strategies in Content-Centric Networks
922 Electric Machine Control Design for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
923 Organic Dye Based Opto-Electronic Devices and Sensors
924 Impact of Leader’s Motivating Language on Employees’ Job Performance with Mediation of Job Satisfaction and Affective Commitment
925 Asset Pricing and Artificial Neural Networks: A Case of Pakistan’s Equity Market
926 High Temperature Modeling of Wide Band Gap Field Effect Transistors
927 Examining Effects of Oil Price Shocks on Investment Behavior in Pakistan
928 Introduction to Programming Lab (CS1131)
929 Pakistan Studies (HMCS1002)
930 English – I (HMCS1013)
931 Islamic Studies (HMCS1012)
932 English – II (HMCS1023)
933 Technical Report Writing (HMCS2033)
934 Introduction to Programming (CSBS1133)
935 Introduction to Programming Lab (CSBS1131)
936 Pakistan Studies (HMBS1002)
937 Islamic Studies and Ethics (HMBS1012)
938 Calculus I (MTBS1013)
939 Technical Report Writing (HMBS2033)
940 Introduction to Programming (CSBS1133)
941 Pakistan Studies (HMBS1002)
942 Islamic Studies and Ethics (HMBS1012)
943 Calculus I (MTBS1013)
944 Introduction to Programming (CSBS1133)
945 Introduction to Programming Lab (CSBS1131)
946 Pakistan Studies (HMBS1002)
947 Technical Report Writing (HMBS2033)
948 Calculus and Analytical Geometry (MTSE1013)
949 Applied Physics (PHSE1013)
950 Pakistan Studies (HMSE1002)
951 English – I (HMSE1013)
952 English – II (HMSE1023)
953 Linear Algebra (MTSE1033)
954 Discrete Structures (SE1023)
955 Islamic Studies (HMSE1012)
956 Technical Report Writing (HMSE2033)
957 Computer Communications and Networks (SE3773)
958 Operating Systems (SE3413)
959 Design and Analysis of Algorithms (SE3163)
960 Computer Organization and Assembly Language (SE2522)
961 Theory of Automata and Formal Languages (CS3613)
962 About DSE
963 DSE Committee
964 DSE Policies
965 DSE Events
966 Virtual learning environment (VLE)
967 VLE Academic Council
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971 VLE Monitoring Committee
972 Capacity Development
974 VLE Policy
975 Health and Life Sciences
976 Admission Procedure
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979 Control Oriented Dosage Design for p53 Revival
980 Impact of National Culture on Financial Decisions of the Firms: Evidence from Worldwide Non-Financial Companies
981 Unified Framework for Detection and Mitigation of Cyclic Torque Imbalance in Gasoline Engines
982 Flow and Heat Transfer Analysis of MHD Upper-Convected Maxwell Fluid over a Sheet with Non-Fourier’s Heat Law
983 Intellectual Capital, Firm’s Performance and Market Value: An Empirical Study of South Asian Emerging Economies
984 Antecedents and Outcomes of Perceived Brand Authenticity: A Study of Sustainable Brands
985 Corporate Governance and Accounting Conservatism: Empirical Evidence from Emerging Markets of South Asia
986 Corporate Social Responsibility and Customer Responses: Analyzing the Role of Cause Related Marketing, Brand Trust and Brand Attachment
987 When High Quality LMX Leads to Undesirable Outcomes: A Prospective Study using Impostor Phenomenon as an Explanatory Mechanism
988 Liquidity Risks and Asset Pricing in Asian Stock Markets
989 Voluntary Disclosure, Enterprise Risk Management, Culture and Stock Price Synchronicity
990 The Link between Person-Environment Misfit and Employee Greed: An Exploration of Mediation and Moderation
991 Higher Order Sliding Mode Based Switched Reluctance Motor Control System Design
992 Time Efficient Face Recognition for Real Time Applications
993 Information about COVID19
994 c-bics20
996 Reopening Plan & Procedure
998 Chinese Language (HMSE2213)
999 Enterprise Application Development (SE3183)
1000 Introduction to Data Science (CS/SE4833)
1001 Internet of Things (CS/SE4743)
1002 Principles of Accounting (ACCS/ACSE2003)
1003 Introduction of Management (MGCS/MGSE1003)
1004 Software Quality Engineering (SE3613)
1005 Web Engineering
1006 Software Project Management (SE4273)
1007 Introduction to Sociology (HMCS/HMSE2063)
1008 Information Security and Forensics (CS/SE3713)
1010 Professional Ethics and Legal Issues (HMSE2013)
1011 Simulation and Modelling (SE3923)
1012 Machine Learning (CS/SE4613)
1013 Artificial Intelligence (CS/SE4813)
1014 Formal Methods in Software Engineering (SE4113)
1017 Introduction to Database Systems LAB (CS/SE2311)
1018 Computer Communications and Networks Lab (CS3771)
1020 Operating System Lab (CS3411)
1021 Digital Logic Design Lab (CS2511)
1024 Introduction of Management (MGSE1003)
1025 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction (CS/SE4523)
1026 Human Computer Interaction Lab (SE3271)
1028 Software Construction and Development Lab (SE3511)
1032 Software Architecture and Design Lab (SE3311)
1033 Data Security and Cryptography (SE3843)
1034 Probability and Statistics (MTCS/SE3063)
1037 Parallel and Distributed Computing (CS3433)
1038 Software Requirements Engineering (SE3513)
1039 Graph Algorithms (CS3283)
1040 Numerical Computing (CS3070)
1042 Blockchain Technologies (CS4573)
1043 Web Security and Forensics (CS4863)
1044 Theory of Programming Languages (CS3833)
1048 Virology (MB3333)
1049 Pharmacogenomics
1052 Agriculture Biotechnology
1053 Microbial Biotechnology
1057 Soil Microbiology
1062 Web Engineering (SE3523)
1063 Compiler Construction Lab (CS4621)
1064 Molecular Characterization and Computational Analysis of Drug-Resistant Strains of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
1065 Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of non-Newtonian Nanofluids
1066 Load-Balanced Multi-Job Scheduling For Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Systems
1067 Degree/Transcript Issuance Process
1069 ADP Computer Science
1072 Faculty of Pharmacy
1073 Faculty Members
1074 Obscure Logging: A Framework to Protect and Evaluate the Web Search Privacy
1075 On the Effectiveness of Private Information Retrieval Protocols
1076 Resource-Aware and Load-Balanced Scheduling for Cloud Computing Environments
1077 Single Phase Analysis of MHD Convective Heat Transport in NanoFluid Using Finite Difference Method
1078 Entropy Analysis of Peristalsis Fluid Models
1079 Effect of Linear Thermal Radiation and Mangnetohydrodynamics on Non-Newtonian Fluids
1080 Energy Optimization with Bio-Inspired Heuristics Techniques in Smart Grid
1081 Modeling and Characterization of Ground-to-Air Communication Channel
1082 Improved Attitude Determination Using Low-Cost MEMS Sensors
1083 Water and Environment Research Group
1084 Dynamics Analysis of Epidemic Computer Virus Models
1085 Mean and volatility Spill Over Between the Stock, Gold and Oil Markets During US Financial Crisis and Chinese Stock market Crash
1086 Multilevel Drivers of Bank Risk Taking in Dual banking Systems: Evidence From OIC Countries
1087 Impact of Employee Development on Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Employee Turnover Intensions
1088 Impact of Organizational Dehumanization on Employee Perceptions of Mistreatment and their Work Outcomes
1089 Numerical Simulations of Heat and Mass Transfer Flows utilizing Nanofluid
1090 Design and Optimization of Conformal Slot Array Antennas for X-band Applications
1091 Harmonics Mitigation using Shunt Active Power Filter Based on Modified Synchronous Reference Frame Theory
1092 Numerical Simulations of Squeezing Flow Problems in a Channel
1093 Potential Utilization of Wheat Straw in Concrete for Pavement Applications from Engineering Perspectives
1094 Bank Competition, Financial Stability, and Economic Growth Links: A Micro and Macro Level Study of Selected Asian and European Economies
1095 TMm0 Mode Rectangular Patch Antennas with Improved Radiation Characteristics
1096 Department of Psychology
1097 List of Trainings
1098 Citation Context and Reasons Ontology-CCRO: A Model for Citation Reasons Between Research Articles
1099 The Missing Link Between Leaders Personality and Followers Outcome: A Multilevel Perspective of the Paradoxical Leaders Behavior
1100 Evaluation of Water Distribution System and Reservoir Ranking in Indus River Basin: A Hydro-Political Perspective
1101 Modeling Ethical Leadership and Employee Role of Psychological Empowerment and Moderating Role of Ethical Climate, Power Distance and Leaders Social Distance
1102 Department of English
1103 MS Management Sciences
1104 MS Management Science (Major in Finance)
1105 MS Management Science (Major in Marketing)
1106 BS Mathematics
1107 BS English
1108 ADP (Commerce)
1109 Software Re-Engineering (SE4813)
1110 Renewable Energy Research Group
1111 Industrial and Manufacturing Research Group
1112 Mechanics and Materials in Design Research Group
1113 Machine Design-I (ME-3043)
1114 Machine Design-II (ME-3052)
1115 Health, Safety and Environment (HMME3761)
1116 Introduction to Finite Element Method (ME-3062)
1117 Power Plants (ME-4173)
1118 Introduction to Finite Element Method Lab (ME-3061)
1119 Heat Transfer Analysis of MHD Nanofluids over Stretching/Shrinking Surfaces with Thermal Radiation
1120 Scattering Analysis of Acoustic Waves in Waveguides Containing Partitioned Wave-Bearing Cavities
1121 Coverage Analysis of Dense Heterogeneous Cellular Networks using Dual-Slope Path Loss Model
1122 The Cascading Effect of Organizational Identification through Psychological Entitlement: Testing Sequential Mediation for Positive and Negative Outcomes
1123 Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis in Newtonian and non-Newtonian Fluids Using Finite Difference Approach
1124 Hybrid Synchronization Control of Dynamical Networks with Uncertain Parameters
1125 Analysis of Acoustic Problems with Different Boundary Conditions and Step Discontinuities
1126 Analysis of Acoustic Problems with Different Boundary Conditions and Step Discontinuities
1127 BBA
1128 Department of Software Engineering
1129 Design of High Frequency PWM Inverter as a Part of 100kVA Solid State Transformer
1130 Voice Behavior with its Antecedents and Outcomes through the Lens of Proactive Behavior Theory
1131 Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure and Its Impact on Investment Behavior of Firms: The Case of China and Pakistan
1132 Phubbing in the Workplace; Exploring the Role of Rejection Sensitivity in the Relationship between Supervisor Phubbing and Employee Outcomes
1133 Mixture Theory Modeling of Multiphasic Deformation
1134 Impression Management, Attributions and Behavioral Outcomes: A Co-worker Perspective
1135 SC-FDMA Radar: Waveform Design and Signal Processing
1136 A Reliable Protection Scheme for Fast DC Fault Clearance in a VSC-Based Meshed MTDC Grid
1137 Context Driven Aspect based Citation Sentiment Analysis
1138 Elastic Network Modeling of Human Papilloma Virus Proteins
1139 MS Accounting and Finance
1140 BS Business Analytics
1141 Formalization of a Use Case Model to Kripke Structure and LTL Formulas
1142 Predicting Scientific Impact of Authors
1143 Improving Software Fault Prediction Using Novel Metrics Based on Data Flow Volume and Coupling Complexity
1144 A Resource-Aware Dynamic Load-balancing Techniques for Deadline Constrained Cloud Tasks
1145 Fixed Point Theorems in Fuzzy Abstract Spaces
1146 Fixed Point Theorems in b-Metric Spaces
1147 A Study of Fluid Flow Through Deformable Porous Material and Tissue Using Mixture Theory Approach
1148 Precipitation Variability in Connection with Various Potential Determinants
1149 Effect of Nonlinear Thermal Radiation and Variable Thermal Conductivity on Different Types of Non-Newtonian Fluids
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1151 Sustainability
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1161 BS Computer Engineering
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